St. Louis Cathedral by Jon Armstrong for

St. Louis Cathedral

Weather did not cooperate when I took this image, so I made the weather do things I wanted it to do.

I’ve been very satisfied with Lightroom for most of my photo editing needs for quite awhile. I’ve used it exclusively since 2009. This image just wasn’t getting where I wanted it to be, so I got it as close as I could and then pulled it into Photoshop. If I’m going to have to deal with clouds, they should at least add something awesome besides rain.

This is one of the oldest operating Catholic cathedrals in the United States. The history of this building is interesting if you are into that sort of thing.

Here’s where this building is located:

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  • Chris (or, Buster)

    That is sweet! As a Catholic, I have always loved Cathedrals…and I’m digging the clouds as well!

    Great foto.

  • John LeJeune

    You Nailed It! Love the luminous soft light. It has that just before it’s going to rain look, late in the day when the sun is below the cloud line. The diffused shadows are wonderful.

  • Meegs

    So I normally like all your photos, but don’t love them… I’m a less-is-more when it comes to processing kind of girl. BUT this picture is AMAZING! Great shot, great adjustments. Lovely.

    • blurb

      I’m laughing about your comment. Of the recent photos I’ve shared, this one is the most processed of them all! :-)

      • Meegs

        I know! I was laughing at myself too. When reading your description of what you did, I figured it was processed all to hell… but its just great!  :-)  Seriously, I would frame this.

  • Deanna Piercy

    We spend 11 days at a time in New Orleans twice a year.  In fact, we were there the same time y’all were (kept looking for you – ha!).  The cathedral is lovely both inside and out.  We attended Easter mass there this year.  I took most of my pictures on this last trip with just my iPhone so they aren’t as spectacular as this one.  However, considering the limitations of the technology I did get a few interesting shots.  If interested, you can view them here:

    • blurb

      Love your shots!! Thanks for sharing them. I especially like “Across the Mississippi”.

      • Deanna Piercy

        Thanks.  I took that one from the Algiers ferry using the Hipstomatic app.  New Orleans just has to be one of the most beautiful cities to photograph.  I’ve really been enjoying your shots and the memories they evoke for me.  I may live in Oklahoma but my soul resides in New Orleans.

  • minxlj

    LOVE the depth you’ve pulled out of this, Jon. Really nice work. And New Orleans is creeping higher up my ‘must visit’ list after all of these pics, I geek out over cool architecture to photograph! (I don’t think I’ll need an excuse to go, since my other half is a photographer 😀 )

  • blurb


  • Amanda Brumfield