Stages of Grief: Using the Final Cut Pro X Crash Report Comment Form as Therapy

Stages of Grief: Using the Final Cut Pro X Crash Report Comment Form as Therapy

When Apple unleashed the latest update to Final Cut Pro X a couple of months ago, it was met with two basic responses:

1) It’s great that Apple is changing the video editing paradigm and going after a larger market than just professional video editors!

2) Are you shitting me? This is iMovie Plus or at best, Final Cut Express Deluxe. Dumbing down an app I use for business is going to send me to a competitor. I’m done.

And I was somewhere in the middle. People hate change, and I was willing to give this latest version of Final Cut Pro a chance. And another chance. And still more chances. It has not gone well. I’ve seen a lot of this window:

110920 01 crashreporter

I wanted to share some of the “feedback” I’ve left Apple via the above Problem Report window that pops up whenever an application crashes. I should add that in my nine years of using Mac OS X, I’ve never seen as many of these as I have with Final Cut Pro X. It crashes all the time. My stages of grief using the software that has caused the world so much pain:

1. Helpful and in Complete Denial

110920 02 helpful

2. With Humor and Some Denial

110920 03 funny reopen2

3. Terse

110920 05 crashreporter clickedabutton jpg

4. More Terse

110920 06 crashreporter really jpg

5. Angry

110920 07 effingjoke

6. Angrier

110920 08 holyshitballs

7. Trying to Talk Myself Down With a Long-Winded Essay

110920 13 planeticket

8. Didn’t Work

110920 10 listenmofos

9. Declaration of Independence

110920 11 reopen

10. Desperation

110920 12 srsly pc trucks

11, Psychosis

110920 13 planeticket

12. Resignation

110920 14 adobenumber

I hope this is helpful for others.