State of the Union

Semi-real time blogging. At it’s worst.

7:11 MST After the fellatio of the Presidential entrance, Heather is already starting with “This is all bullshit. Blah, blah, blah.”

State of the Union addresses are typically overstated. This President is no different. Close up shot of John McCain proves how painful it is to listen to an address like this.

He’s just talked about 2.3 million new jobs in the past year. Here it comes. Flexible economy… flexible enough to stop the damn credit card companies from snail mail spamming the shit out of me?

He just said “discretionary” without a hiccup. Wow. Are they giving him a standing ovation for his pronunciation victory or the actual substance?

7:17 PM MST He just mentioned “junk” lawsuits. Like frivolous asbestos lawsuits. Hmmm. Because asbestos should be put into the school lunch program.

Heather is now unleashing obscenities at a high rate. “Smug fucking asshole.” Repeat x 10.

The shots of all the sitting legislators and Senators and cabinet members make them all look a bit rosy cheeked. What is the ratio of cocktail to person?

7:20 PM MST This year it’s not about how evil everybody else in the world is, it’s about promising EVERYTHING. Cleaner air! Lower taxes! More jobs!

Heather says Dick Cheney looks like a shark from _Finding Nemo_.

7:22 PM MST Here it comes. Social Security. Privatization. Does no one remember Enron and California in 2001?

He’s talking about Social Security running a deficit in thirteen years. He doesn’t seem to have a problem with THE ENTIRE GOVERNMENT RUNNING A DEFICIT TODAY. Apparently deficit = collapse. It’s the same lingo he used to get us into Iraq.

I think reforms are in order for Social Security. I do not think that privatization is the answer. He’s got a long reach to come across the aisle, and based on history, I don’t think he’s going to make it. Does Jesus want privatization? I don’t attend a Christian church, so I’m a little out of the loop on what Jesus would do.

7:33 PM MST This is the part where he panders to his Jesus freak base. I believe that in 50 years, our children will look back on this time and wonder what the big deal was about consenting adults marrying.

7:40 MST Uh. Gonna be busy for the rest of the speech…