Still the Corporate Bastard Child

I arrived at work this morning with a great email waiting for me. An email that I had waited for since last February. Finally, Microsoft was announcing Exchange support in their Entourage product. A product I had used back in the day, but decided that it’s HTML rendering was too slow, so I cobbled together other programs to serve my productivity needs. I actually _like_ the free Mail app that Apple provides.

Imagine then my joy that I could download the update and finally be on par with my Windows coworkers. No more need to fire up the Pentium II laptop and wait 10 minutes while it attempts to open Outlook. No more needing to use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop to look at the laptop and wait 3 minutes for it to respond to a mouse-click. Nevermind that the Mac I’m on and the laptop are on the _same hub_ and have a 100 Base T speed between them. And nevermind, really, that the laptop is running Windows XP Pro. On a Pentium II.

So imagine my thrill, my utter joy that I would be able to finally use a decent method of collaborating with my coworkers. Imagine.

Except that I can’t. My company doesn’t like IMAP. And guess what? In order to use an Exchange server, IMAP4 must be enabled on the server. So. I’m back where I started.

It’s like OS X never even happened to Microsoft. Apple better provide Exchange hooks that are rumored in Panther.

I’m so shattered. Even worse is reading all the hopeful comments on all the Mac news sites from people like me actually thanking the Microsoft Mac Business Unit.

Someone throw me a freaking bone here. It’s definitely feeling very 1995 and very painful. New millennium my ass.