Subwoofer Envy

It hurts. She’s got the power.

She’s got the exact same speaker system that I had when I worked here. I was working late on a very huge and stressful client pitch. I would crank Chemical Brothers somewhere in the 300db range. I had substantial low end. It felt good.

Now. iMac 17″. Why didn’t the special friends at Apple design the lamp base enclosure of the iMac to be a subwoofer? I have to buy a subwoofer. Now.

Because she has the power. It’s so hurtful. Fortunately, she has great taste in music. Unfortunately, I have the majority of the cds ripped (they are still boxed from the move and that’s another post) onto the iMac.

So. You’re all “dude, just buy a fucking iSub and get over it.”

I’m all, “dude, I’m still unemployed and hanging on every little piece of mail which potentially might bear cash from the California State gubment.”

And that’s it. No iSub. She’s got the power.