Taken last year in New Orleans’ Garden District. Love the “R” on this signage. Tasty. Sad that I didn’t go in an buy something. Like maybe a salted caramel cupcake?

  • Sarah Gackstatter

    I’m pretty sure caramel and cupcake should not be used in the same sentence together, not legally at least.  Maybe tomorrow’s Daily Affirmation should be “Eat dessert first sometimes.”  Mixing up the routine can be fun.

    • Melany

      This is a place that practices the art of deep frying a Snickers bar. And makes a boiled delicacy out of mini lobster-like creatures during the spring months.

      My husband and I moved from LA to this LA roughly the same time you moved to Utah, Jon, and NOLA probably matches SLC as a diametric opposite to the Los Angeles culture.

      • Dreux

        My husband and I grew up in New Orleans and live here off and on, and lived 2 years in Ogden Valley. My husband did business in SLC routinely and I will never forget the phone call I got from him screaming “I just saw a hooker! I just saw a hooker! A real, live street walker!” After growing up seeing prostitutes at 7 am in any random area, it was eerie not seeing them. Kinda like moving off the bus line and then you can’t sleep because of the quiet.

  • Laurie Chiasson

    I live an hour from New Orleans, in Baton Rouge.  Sucre’ is my guilty pleasure whenever I’m in New Orleans, which is often!  YUM.  And I can tell you that their salted caramel cupcake should be on your list of things to taste next time you find yourself in NOLA. 

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