Summer Storm and Some Thoughts on VSCOcam

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Summer Storm and Some Thoughts on VSCOcam

As a general rule, I don’t like shooting inside of native apps. I had a thing with Camera+ where I was forgetting that I had images there waiting to be exported. I make an exception for apps like Hipstamatic that allow you to save automatically to the camera roll. That has been a lifesaver on a number of occasions, particularly when used with a backup service like Apple’s Photo Stream or Dropbox.

Trying VSCOcam as a shooting app has forced some adjustments to my workflow. Based on how one edits photos inside of the app, you pretty much have to save them with all of the editing first and then export to the camera roll. In my early experimentation, I have loved the subtleties of VSCOcam compared to an app like Snapseed. That might seem funny coming from a person who likes to process the hell out of his photos, but there’s some really nice subtle effects that can be achieved inside of VSCOcam.

The image above was shot last night as a storm approached Salt Lake City. I really like where I got with this image and it didn’t take too long to get there. VSCOcam is not as tweaky as some of the other apps that I like to use but I was able to get to a result I liked very quickly.

The interface takes some getting used to. I still think I have yet to discover some of the cooler features and I look forward to more playing around with this app.