Sundance, belated.

We saw a ton of movies at Sundance. A ton. There is a point where Sundance feels like a day at the amusement park where you are the first people there. There are no lines. You ride the ride then sprint as fast as you can to do the ride again. You have to do it because you’ve made the trip and you are kind of trapped/compelled to keep riding. However, after one particular day of three very heavy movies, we were knackered. We had enough and had to leave, missing out on a couple of great films.

The Blurbomat faves:

The Cooler – William H. Macy is great in this movie about a guy so unlucky, he’s hired by a casino to touch people who are winning. Alec Baldwin does some damage.

The Shape of Things – One more brutal Neil Labute film dealing with identity and relationships. We hugged each other a lot after this one. Dude is seriously funny in person. But so tweaked. Rachel Weisz… ouch.

Confidence – The only indie thing about this movie is that it starred Ed Burns. It was fun. Rachel Weisz… ouch.

The Event – Very very indie. And Olympia Dukakis was amazing as the Jewish mother. The ending was one of the hardest things I’ve ever watched. Parker Posey isn’t so good in this one. Rachel Weisz was not in this one. But still… ouch.

American Splendor – Paul Giamatti will hopefully get some recognition for his portrayal of normal-guy comic hero, Harvey Pekar. Giamatti did an amazing job, transforming his entire countenance and oozing the dirty, squiggly lines that characterize the comic renderings. Rachel Weisz was also not in this film.

Die Mommie Die – Campy fun. Too bad most of the cast can’t keep up with the lead, drag queen of the universe, Charles Busch. Rachel Weisz, on the other hand….