While everybody else was shooting the Bay Bridge from Treasure Island, I turned and decided to go super wide on this building. Kind of eerie and weird how vacant this looks when just out of frame a whole bunch of photographers are arrayed and shooting like mad. I edited out a tiny piece of tripod leg on the lower left side of the image because I missed it when shooting. Post processing for the win on this one.

The sky was super blown out because I don’t have a filter for the Sigma 12-24mm. But I was able to pull some cloud detail from the RAW file. Also? No people were harmed and/or removed from this image.

* * *

Daily affirmation: Turn around.

  • americanrecluse

    I love empty buildings. It’s a sense of loss that is so personally distant as to be kind of delicious. Do you know what this place was? The fancy bit up top makes it seem as if it were a big box store of some sort. Or an airplane hangar. Big. It was definitely big.

    (Love the affirmation in both literal and figurative terms. What do we miss by facing all the same way?)

    • americanrecluse

      Duh. It’s a soundstage. You said so right there on the front page. This is what happens when I post in my sleep.

  • Ryan Waddell

    Awesome shot. I love the tones. And I wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t mention it, but I think I see where you edited out the tripod leg. Hard to tell from the small image though :)