Surprise, GOP VP Pick is a Hypocrite

With nary a mention of statutory rape, the scourge of single moms (big with the GOP in the late 80s and 90s) or teen pregnancy:

Palin secured earmarks for town – Washington Post-

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Best bit near the bottom of the first page:

“In fiscal year 2002, Wasilla took in $6.1 million in earmarks — about $1,000 in federal money for every resident. By contrast, Boise, Idaho — which has more than 190,000 residents — received $6.9 million in earmarks in fiscal 2008.”

Then this bit from the bottom of the second page:

In addition, Palin has reversed course on at least one major earmark: After initially supporting the $223 million bridge, which was to connect the town of Ketchikan with a remote island, she reversed course last year and canceled the project because of cost overruns. Critics have dubbed the project the “Bridge to Nowhere.”

But her administration remains eager for many other earmarks.

In February, Palin’s office sent Sen. Stevens a 70-page memo outlining almost $200 million worth of new funding requests for Alaska.

GOP: Big government sucks. But give me my money.