Swim Herschel Swim – Burn Swim Burn RBUG Ring Remastered

Swim Herschel Swim – Burn Swim Burn RBUG Ring Remastered

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I had hoped to share these last week. Ha. Last week was a recovery and catch up week. I’m still not caught up.

So about three years ago, I started to remaster the CD that Swim Herschel Swim released in 1993/4. We had Marlo, launched a couple of sites, yadda blah.

I wanted to get both of these posted prior to our show. I also wanted to sell USB sticks with both albums, but there were a few things in the way. 1) resurrecting an ancient keyboard; 2) Re-learning old notes, correct notes; 3) Cost; 4) Staffing a merch table given the current situation; and 5) A lingering slacker defeatism.

RBUG. I wrote about this when I post the remastered version from I Wish I Had a Raygun. Read about it here. If you dare.


Direct download: Swim Herschel Swim – Burn Swim Burn – RBUG-Remastered

We had performed Ring from the earliest days of Herschel. Read about it here.


Direct download: Swim Herschel – Burn Swim Burn – Ring – Remastered

Ring of Fire was our show closer for the reunion show. A good call. I’m still thinking about the show. More images and hopefully video to come.