SXSW – Prologue

I remember reading about the famous South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) conference of 2000 a year or two later when I fully embraced the notion that I was one of them. Every year since reading about it, I’ve wondered if we’d ever go. Last year, Maggie and Heather came out to visit and we talked about the eTech and SXSW conferences. From the stuff I read and looked at online, it appeared that eTech was more my thing. Reading Matt Haughey’s report on this year’s eTech gave me slight pause. I’m hoping that this year’s SXSW lives up to the hype I’ve built up in my head.

I’m looking forward to meeting so many people I’ve read, admired and written over the years. Really, though, I’m deeply proud of Heather and look forward to her keynote with Jason Kottke.

I think that 2005 was a big year for people trying to make an income from their personal sites. This movement was afoot the second Denton and Calacanis started their blood feud networks. I remember taking shit for suggesting in early 2002 that the audiences who read blogs are highly sought after by advertisers. I think that is still true. Blogging as a fad/trend might have passed, but I don’t think it’s over. I’m so looking forward to attending the show this year.


  1. No hangovers
  2. Listen
  3. Enjoy the weather
  4. Learn from the masters
  5. Keep pants on
  6. Take lots of photos and wish for an f2.8 300mm telephoto lens
  7. Try to not be overwhelmed
  8. Don’t be so skeptical

Point #7 isn’t going to be easy. From the looks of it, it’s non-stop every day.

Travel Tip™: Take 5-10 baby wipes and stick them in a quart sized ziploc bag. Sure, they sell them at the airport, but we’ve got a kid, so we already have hundreds of them at home. I sat in what appeared to be chocolate (it may have even been self-inflicted) and had to clean off my light colored pants. Wipes would have avoided a trip to the crowded and crazy bathroom trying to clean up what looked like a fecal bowel control problem.