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Maybe Not Such a Good Idea

The best so far of the soapbox videos. After the 4 minute mark it gets crazy. I’m trying to figure out just how many cameras are in use and how much footage dude has to sort through. If I’ve linked to this before, it’s still worth another look. AWESOME.

Slot Cars

After my apparently obscure reference in an earlier post to slot cars and the electric smell they emit, I embarked on a voyage into the dark corners of the internet to uncover a treasure trove of slot car awesomeness. In my childhood, most slot car sets were HO scale and Read More...

More Insane People

Soap Box Derby 2007 – Vox Looks like it was a great day in SF. These people are nuts in the best possible way. I wonder if this kind of thing would play outside of urban or heavily populated suburban areas where there isn’t as large or obvious a large Read More...