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I took this photo with my iPhone, transferred it to my iPad and edited it using a photo app. Now I’m using the iPad WordPress app to share it. But the iPad is just a toy.

Thoughts on the iPad

About 20 minutes after I had my first iPhone in hand in 2007, I knew that I wanted a similar device with a larger screen, especially using the browser in those early days. As the applications (both programmatically, and literally) for the iPhone grew, it only made me want something Read More...

The Next, Next Big Thing

The next several days will be filled with iPad reviews, commentary and speculation. I just poked around AppShopper and I’m very excited for the future. Apps I’m most looking forward to playing with: Netflix app: ABC Player: Yahoo! Entertainment: NYT Editors’ Choice: I’ve long held that the internet could and Read More...

iPad Hate Summed up Nicely

Caught this in my Twitters from both @mulegirl and @Mike_FTW (Warning, NSFW Twitter background). A great diagram accompanies this post: A Failure of Empathy Definitely a great takeaway on the iPad.

Who’s Gonna Buy That?

Your mom. I kid, but it’s true. One of the shortest sighted things that nerds do is project their dreams and wants onto devices. This is great, in theory, but your mom doesn’t care about RAM, Gigahertz or processor cores. Your mom wants to do some stuff. As the days Read More...