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Adventures in Food

Jon with Chicken Foot from Eden M. Kennedy on Vimeo. I met Eden this weekend! I met Melissa this weekend! I met Antonia I met Evany this weekend! Who am I kidding. I met the other half of the internet (the woman, womyn, etc. side) this weekend.

Webcam Greeting Cards

Welcome to Bubble Joy Video Greeting Cards The brains behind this site are found in the head of a brilliant guy I worked with in the late 90s, early 00s in San Francisco. He’s figured out a way to use your webcam/iSight camera and include a video message in a Read More...

Nerdly Woes

Items: Wifi on MacBook Pro Blows Edge network blows San Francisco, why you be hatin on me? P.S. MTV hosting anything with the word “music” in it is pointless. Alicia Keys was the best thing about the VMAs.