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SxSW: Recap part II

I realize that I only have two more days about which to provide an update, but Monday was a big day. Monday Tried to remain calm and sleep in. Didn’t work so well. Heather was up for a bunch of awards this year and given what we’ve gone through in Read More...

Another View of Battledecks

Rocketboom : Thursday, March 13, 2008: Battledecks Rocketboom posts a compilation video of Battledecks. I’m in there (at about 1:14)with the Kanye slide and my mind blanked. I could have gone three or four different ways: Kanye, WE care about black people. Kanye’s mom, RIP. George Kelly mentioned that I Read More...

SxSW: Media Attack

Bad video: A bunch of point-and-shoot party shots: If anybody pictured wants their photo removed, let me know: djblurb [at] blurbomat dot com. This party did me in for the rest of the show.