Tech Meltdown: 2005 Summer Edition

This summer will go down as one of the worst for the Armstrong family in terms of technical problems. Not only has 3hive been plagued with technical difficulties, we lost the first iBook, our dryer has been threatening to boycott drying of clothes for a few months but finally succeeded in it’s goals on Thursday of this week, the Nikon D70’s weird shutter problem got to a point where half of the photos we wanted to take weren’t being taken, our front hose faucet decided to not turn off, one of the front sprinklers decided that it would be a good time to launch it’s popup piece into the driveway (where Leta discovered it and started making noises like she was asking it questions about why it was in the driveway) and the main computer in the house decided that the “Security” update I downloaded and installed should completely dork the computer into a funk so severe that several lawyers were called and consulted about punitive and/or emotional damages. The main computer of the house holds around 40 gigabytes of photos, going back several years.

Here is a rough timeline of the day.

6:45am: Leta makes her first of many awakening noises. We have learned to wait for her to be pleasant before going in to get her, otherwise her behavior is erratic and can lead to a Bad Day. She was fairly sweet this morning.

7:00am: Administer the morning bottle (yes she’s still on the bottle, she won’t take a sippy cup just yet, and we’re tired of the screaming about it).

8:00am: Sit down to watch kids shows and play with Leta. We decide that we’re going to Sears to look at dryers. With a kid, laundry becomes a way of life.

9:10am: Purchase dryer at Sears. It is a badass. 12 months, no interest. Only real way to afford the badass dryer. Plus, rebate and free delivery/install with fresh duct work. Mmmm fresh duct work. Linty fresh.

9:40am: Arrive home from Sears. Decide that it’s so pleasant out, we’ll do some gardening. Leta refuses to put feet on grass. Must tell her to quit being such a baby about it.

10:15am: Discover front faucet is not going to shut off after Heather asks why the hose is still running. Have to run downstairs and find shut off valve and grab wrenches to dismantle faucet.

10:38am: Faucet reassembled with washer from ancient toolbox. Probably purchased 10 years ago, but still rubbery fresh. Seems to be holding.

10:39am: Leta has first of four poopy diapers. On the evenings and weekends, I am on poopy diaper detail.

12:04pm: Leta is laid down for a nap. She isn’t pleased about this, but succumbs 18 seconds after crib dropoff.

12:10pm: Gathering all my crap for a stint on the main house computer to edit and print some photos for JB and McQueen of our recent road trip. Maybe do some more work on some shots and post them to flickr.

12:13pm: Realize that machine needs to be restarted due to a security update. Machine is super sluggish shutting down, forcing me to hard reset the machine.

12:18pm: Upon reboot, greeted with flashing question mark. Begin to chant mantra, “This is not good” over and over a la prayer in Frannie and Zoey. Will not stop this until 11:08pm.

12:19 – 1:30pm: Scurry about house trying to find recovery CDs and hard drives. None work. Both Leta and Heather awaken. Heather knows something is wrong and is terrified that our run of bad technical luck is going to destroy the family and take the farm. I console her mentioning a couple of options, one including firearms and perhaps a cricket bat, the other her new iBook and a FireWire cable.

Decide to try to install older version of operating system on main computer. Was at Mac OS 10.4.2. Will try to do a fresh install of 10.4 and rebuild the OS updates by hand. Can’t. Machine doesn’t even show it’s own hard drive as an install option. Start to claw eyes out and then stopping while remembering that eyes are useful and that would be misdirected rage.

1:30 – 2:08pm: Main computer is not seen on FireWire. Decide it’s Google time. Seems like the update has caused others a lot of grief. Determine that it’s time to call in the wolf.

2:45pm: Purchase the excellent Disk Warrior from Alsoft. They did not pay me to write this: IF YOU OWN A MAC, YOU NEED TO BUY THIS SOFTWARE TODAY AND INSTALL IT IMMEDIATELY. Download the software and install on iBook.

3:00pm – 5:00pm: Attach main computer to iBook via FireWire cable. Reboot main computer, holding down the “T” key, forcing it to boot into something called “Target Mode”. I believe this is to allay any urge to destroy the machine through physical means. Launch Disk Warrior on iBook and after a moment, it brings up the drive on the main computer, but says there are problems. I turn it loose, allowing it to do it’s thing.

Thirty minutes later, I decide to check on the iBook. It has fallen asleep and Disk Warrior is displaying a disconcerting message. I decide to fix the energy settings so that the machine will not go to sleep when plugged in. I force-quit Disk Warrior and start it back up, again seeing the drive and letting Disk Warrior do it’s thing.

I decide to walk away in the middle of this process and go to the hardware store to buy a replacement washer or sprinkler head, Heather and Leta joining me. Leta decides that it will be necessary to bring three toothbrushes with her to the hardware store.

We return home and I install the new sprinkler head.

5:04pm: I check on the iBook. Disk Warrior has mentioned some problems and that I’ll need to click some stuff to fix them. I do. In the middle of the fix, the main computer hard drive shows up and I browse it to see if the photos are still there. They are. I click the rest of the necessary buttons and decide to walk away.

6:02pm: iBook check reveals that there was a problem. I repeat the process in Disk Warrior.

7:20pm: Leta is in bed, and this time, there are fewer files with problems, but some of the files are ones that other people have mentioned the “Security Update” breaks. Hmmm. Ponder further legal action and click some more buttons.

8:30pm: Do a check. Looks like it worked! I can see the main computer hard drive in the Finder of the iBook! Breathing is much easier.

Eject main computer hard disk from iBook. Disconnect cables and reboot main computer. Wow, the fans on the main computer sure are getting louder by the second… The Apple logo is there though. And the little “shit is happening” widget is showing that the computer sees the hard drive. Decide to let the computer do it’s thing and walk away.

10:00pm: Machine has not restarted, appears stuck on logo screen. Decide to see if I can reinstall Mac OS 10.4 (machine was at 10.4.2. Remember all those paragraphs ago?).

10:40pm: Install complete! Machine boots up. Files still there. Will update to 10.4.2.

10:59pm: All updates (not including ones labelled “Security”) are installed and machine reboots. Heather asks for verification and I show her the 160 folders of our photos. She sighs and I shut down the machine, vowing that tomorrow, we back it all up. The pain.

I’ll write about the Nikon D70’s issues later, but I’m writing a lenghty letter to Nikon in my head. I don’t normally write manufacturers directly, but this time, it’s personal.

  • Lefty_grrrl

    Pfff. You act like that was all a big deal or something. Puhleeze.

    Just playing. Good to hear that the pics are safe.

  • Zaz

    At least you know what you’re doing. I’d be forced to run in circles, weeping and repeating, “Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no…”

    Glad to hear everything’s okay. You must have the patience of a saint.

  • Pete

    Unreal. I hope that you are backing up those photos on an external. My wife knows that if the house is going up in flames – grab the freaking brick and run, the cables will come loose eventually.

    Glad that you got it working again…back to the poopie diapers.


  • maxigumee

    I hate it when stuff like that happens. But as Zaz said, at least you know what you’re doing. If it were me, I’d be having a panic attack waiting for a more technologically smart person to pop up on my buddy list.

    I usually just upload all of my photos straight to Flickr and delete them from my computer. That’s mainly because I have like no space left on my iBook. I just hope nobody bombs Flickr or something like that.

  • Badger

    Wait, you were playing with Leta at 8:00 and then an hour and ten minutes later you had already BOUGHT THE DRYER? Do you live in the parking lot? Of Sears? Because when my kids were Leta’s age, that errand alone would have taken ALL. DAMN. DAY.

    You young kids with your organization and togetherness and whatnot. Sheesh.

  • Jen

    Sorry about all the technical meltdowns this summer. Thanks for all the great posts about what’s going on in Leta-land!

  • erat

    I’m going to go out on a limb and guess your “main computer” is a G5… It’s amazing how many problems those things have had since Apple started selling them. What a pain. They’re great when they’re working.

    I have a G4 iMac and a G3 iBook and neither have had any problems with the udpates (so far). I just don’t get it.

  • erat

    By the way, be thankful you don’t have sewer lateral problems. Computers, sprinklers and dryers are cheap compared to lateral replacement. I may be facing that one before the year’s up.

    The cheapest price I’ve gotten is $15k. Somebody shoot me.

  • blurb

    Badger, we strike when Leta’s in good spirits and we are not close to nap time. We have learned to move quickly.

  • Karen

    Wow, I’m so glad I’m too lazy to install security updates right away. Seems to be the way to go — wait a few days and see if anyone has any problems. Thanks for the post — now I know not to install this one either.

  • grammar retentive

    If you can replace your “it’s” with “it is” then use the apostrophe. Otherwise, leave it out. There are exceptions to that rule, but let’s start with that.

    I want to read your website, but it’s a little annoying when your grammar is off. I’m confident that you can learn this simple rule and stick with it. I’ll be watching.

  • juli

    Ouch. I was hoping that once Microsnot got into bed with Apple, that MS products might start to rise to the level of Apple products. Alas, it appears that Apple is dumbing down…

  • Rose

    Ain’t technology grand? It will be even better when your sympathetic readership can send you a shot of bourbon through some sort of replicator thingamagigy. In the interim, here’s some virtual bourbon and sympathy.
    Don’t worry about the bottle/sippy cup transition. I have vaguely recall the frustration of having a child who would not take a sippy cup, but the specifics of how and when this was accomplished elude me now. It’s far more important, developmentally speaking, that Leta learns how to say “suck it” to people like Grammar Retentive.

  • blurb


    Yeah, I don’t think that writing something at 11:45 pm had anything to do with not being bothered to proof my post. Plus, your condescending tone. Bleah.

    Heather mentioned earlier today that I had some it’s its problems. I’m still up to my ass in system issues on the mothership computer, so I’ll get to it when I can. If errors like that are going to put you off reading this site, please go elsewhere.

    If you respond to this with snark, I’ll ban your IP. I’ve had a bit of a stressful weekend and to put it into perfect Lancashirian, “I can’t be mithered.”

    Also, I have every bit of faith that YOU’LL learn that you are a pompous ass.

  • liz

    ha! i work at the apple store and we had a ton of people calling and asking us questions about the security update. apparently, apple broke everything that was 64bit (which is everything in 10.4.x). it is repaired now so you can download the security update. gosh, you went through a ton of work trying to fix that.

    and you’re right, disk warrior is the best thing on the face of the earth! everyone that comes in with data problems we sell them disk warrior.

    i’m lame and am still running 10.3.9 and dealing with mail/safari crashes all the time. i WORK at apple and still don’t have 10.4… there has got to be something wrong with me!

  • Lala

    Dj: You might want to consider writing mystery novels, I was holding my breath that entire post.

  • impy

    Here is a quote by Chicago psychoanalyst Robert Galatzer-Levy concerning Freud: “Although experiences with feces and toilet training may serve as a model for psychological functioning in later life, toilet training per se is usually not so important as why such a model was chosen and how it functions currently. There may be less emphasis on `anality’ due to the fact indoor plumbing has become more available.

    “The invention of indoor plumbing at the end of the last century was a major source of misery in that it demanded much more control of defecation than was necessary in a world of chamber pots and outhouses. Large families such as Freud’s (eight to ten people) had to share a single toilet, and Anna and Sigmund were evidently plagued by constipation. Attempts at early toilet training may have made things worse. As the number of toilets per person has grown and ideas about toilet training became more liberal (promoted not only by Dr. Spock but also the washing machine and Pampers), anal retention came to seem less central to psychological life.”

    However, grammar retentive, is here to prove that anal retentive is still alive and going strong still today.

  • Strizz

    Really all I take from that is Leta goes to bed early. REALLY EARLY. I wonder what it is like to have time alone after the kid(s) are in bed.

    Oh and my 17 month old is still on the bottle. Why? Because I am a lazy bad parent and it’s easy for me. That and while nursing her she REFUSED to take a bottle. I would be at work while my husband cared for a pissed off 8 month old who wanted nothing but breast. After the struggle we had to get he ron the damn thing I sure as hell ain’t ready to get her off of it.

  • Jennifer in Kansas City

    Jesus (pronounced “HAYzoos” so as not to offend), is it too Mae West of me to ask for a drink for myself after reading that catalogue of a day? On the upside, you sure got a lot of stuff done. Most people can’t boast about their weekends like that. Most people, like me, just have a drink and weep that Six Feet Under is over.
    Ah, the weeping.

  • lani

    Sounds like Mercury is retrograde.

  • ajaxline

    May was my month for Karmic explosion. I was laid off on the 2nd; the dishwasher caved in and died two days later; five days after that, the pull cord on my lawnmower tore out of the housing in my hand when I went to start it. The week after that, the kitchen sink faucet exploded… figuratively, not literally.

    We now have a new dishwasher installed; my Dad came over and repaired the lawnmower (thank god for Dads); and, we have a new faucet that cost an obscene amount of money because it was a discontinued Delta part.

    I’m still unemployed, but at least I can wash dishes, scrub vegetables, and mow the lawn while I’m waiting for job interviews.

  • Nobody

    We bought a washing machine and dryer from Sears. One year later, we started getting rust spots on our clothes. A service call revealed that the lid and top of the washer was rusting and that we would be charged something like $200 to repair this, since we did not have a service agreement. A trek to Sear’s particular bolgia of torment at the hands of clueless and indifferent customer service imps finally yielded the corporate verdict that its too much to expect that the interior of a washing machine to withstand water for a year, so no, they won’t fix it without charge.

    We have higher design standards and will therefore shop elsewhere in the future.

    Its (that is to say, well, “its” — and yet you still know what I mean to say, fancy that) too bad because they had a good reputation, but it seems they have decided to liquidate that.

  • Bill

    I’m glad you were able to recover your photos. My brother-in-law lost 8 months worth last week. It prompted me to back mine up this weekend.

  • msknow

    I just love the word “pompous” and when you add the word “ass”… well that just makes it even more fun to read! LOL!

    Sorry to hear about all your tech trouble. Like others have said, it’s good you at least knew what to do! I’m always lost in your techno-jargon and am quite envious at your knowledge of such matters. Almost makes me want to learn more about this here computer stuff. Almost.

  • Chris

    “…call in the wolf…” – I love that.

    Jon, since there is some bizarre technology curse hanging over the Armstrong household right now, I’d also encourage you to make sure you have current backups of yours and Heather’s MT databases. I learned the hard way not to put too much trust in that “automated” backup functionality that most hosting providers offer for your website. Regularly backing up is such a pain in the ass but SO much better than the alternative!

  • Jenners

    To the highbrow pretender above (i.e. grammar retentive):
    I lovingly and purposefully bend over and grab an ass cheek in each hand and flash you my ‘brown eye.’ How’z dat fer cute?

    I think the aliens left your anal probe in sweetums.

  • tanya

    Just for some humor..this was on Dooce. Ad from google hehehehehe.
    Mormon Garments
    Date Sexy LDS / Mormon Singles in Your City. Free Registration Now.

  • Donovan Phillips

    I’d be so dead if I lost my photo or video files. Thanks for this post. I know better than to do the latest update until the issues have been fixed.

    Thanks you thank you thank you!

  • Smoove D

    Funny, I thought that story was about a PC until I read the part about MacOS 10.x. I thought the whole point of spending double on a Mac was to avoid these issues?

  • Kirk

    Hey – at this point I would recommend that you consider jumping right into upgrading dooce to MT 3.2 beta. Just for fun. I mean, what could go wrong? In fact, start it a couple of hours before she has one of those really glitzy TV interview things. Really. It will be so cool to show off the nifty new technology…

  • Dixie

    And yet I’m guessing the poopy diapers were the most horrific moments of the day…

  • rick

    i hope my d70’s ok…

  • scazza

    I am so getting Disk Warrior.

  • christel

    anything called “warrior” has to kick ass.

    maybe they should have called Disk Ninja!

  • aria

    We had one of those days on Friday! The car started leaking, the washing machine kept spinning like a whirling dervish and my Nikon lense stopped focusing. It turns out the leak is caused by a busted rear suspension, some kind of rubber thing was ripped on the washer and I don’t even want to think about the lense yet.

  • kt

    Similar thing happened to me on my PC. But I lost most pictures. I thought to myself, “I can’t believe I don’t have a Mac. This is what I get for using Windows.” I’m happy to see that it doesn’t really matter. We’re screwed either way. Or maybe I’m not happy to see that.

  • Ann


  • Carli

    Jon – you are a saint to do the weekend and evening diapers! That alone is sainthood. On top of that, you can do plumbing and computer repair? Heather is so lucky. THis is not a come on at all, just a total bow-down to your greatness. We have had a broken garbage disposal for a year, which I throw a gallon of bleach down once a week to kill the smell. I can’t even figure out how to change the directory for my adobe so I can find my pictures without going to the stupid dog search. I’d settle for a guy who could fix one or the other. I have 3 kids under 5 and a husband who has been home 48 hours in the last 8 weeks. I envy everyone.

  • newbie mac user

    hello. I’m deeply concerned about updating my ibook g4 with the security update. Would it be safe to install it or should i just leave my ibook as is?

  • Lisa

    D70: Is your issue one of the shutter sticking? I have been so annoyed lately with my D70 (with which I was previously involved in a deeply serious affair) because when I try to take a picture, nothing happens. I fear turning it in for repairs.

  • southernman

    I have no idea if this is your shutter problem, but I have an old film Minolta X-370 and after a two week trip to Yellowstone, upon return and development of the pictures, most pictures either were unexposed or partially exposed on about 20 rolls. I took the camera to the camera shop and a five minute adjustment of the shutter fixed it. Oddly the shutter sounded normal when it did not work. Next time on such a shoot I will have a digital with me and will download and backup to CD after each day of shooting. That is what is done now. That was quite a recovery you made. As far as tech meltdowns I had a similar experience to yours in a period of about 3-4 months, many more and bigger things went wrong.

  • mbb

    My response to grammar-retentive :

    If you can replace your passive voice with active voice then by all means do so. Otherwise, zip it with the writing tutorial. Exceptions to this element of style exist, but letís begin and end with that.

    I want to read your scintillating comments on this website, but I find your obvious violation of this fundamental element of style more than a little annoying. I lack confidence in your ability to learn this simple element. I watched and found your comment pitiable.

  • Jill

    You know you’re getting OLD when you describe a dryer as “badass” and get all excited about it. I should know, my refrigerator KICKS ASS.

  • Holly

    Loss of photos may just qualify as a one way ticket into a mental institution (for me anyway). I am backing ours up tomorrow.

  • Danielle

    I just bought a ibook. Now I am scared. Really scared.

  • Emanuel

    hee hee,
    i totally feel your angst over the imac. we have one of those in the office and after the graphics guy who ordered it left, no one else has figured out how to use it optimally so rite now all it’s good for is watching movies, playing music and online chatting. doesnt help that the rest of us use windows.

  • kim

    first thing i was thinking was “BACKUP, dude [even though i would probably never actually say “dude”]” but i suppose after that day of horror [i was sweating just reading about how you may have lost all your pictures] you kinda thought of it yourself.

    hope your sunday was better, more relaxing with less poopy diapers…

  • Brandon

    My D70 kicked it after 4 months. I had a problem with powering the thing on. It was fine and then we took a road trip. The camera was in the trunk, in the HUGE crumpler bag, insulated and padded. The only thing I can think of is that maybe it got cold. Other than that, there is no logic to why it decided to die. It took them about a month to get it back to me. It works great now, but I’m wary. I haven’t had a mysterious shutter problem yet…now I’m worried.

  • hester

    Wow! What a full weekend you had – no wonder Heather loves you so much because you are multi-talented.

    Just got a Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT with zoom lens – man those things sure are addictive.

  • sue

    Been there. Done that. Not fun. Glad you’re all better now.

  • Michael

    This is a prime example of a situation where Windows would have been the better option. You had to go through so much grief to get your files back. If you were on Windows, and your box crashed, you would have slit your wrists and accepted the fact that all your data was toast, saving you all that extra work of recovering your files and continuing on with life (which is sure to be chalked full of more system failures)

    Glad you got your data back. I had much better luck with that last security update although it did give me a scare when the system hung on shutdown :o(


  • George.

    Back up. Back up. BACK UP!!

  • Gordon Montgomery

    Sort of wandered in here but I’m hearing more and more not-so-good news about Macs. I have always “had to” use a PC but really want to “go Mac”…feeling less and less sure now…they’re all just crap right?…pencil and paper rarely fail…help?

  • Liz

    Grammar Retentive,

    Why don’t you take your shit out on the road and go after someone like Paris Hilton for her “Thats Hot!” (notice the missing apostrophe) campaign and leave the rest of us here to enjoy Jon’s site in peace. How’s about that?

  • absolut doc

    Went through the HD panic last night, but my D70 is only a couple months old, so no issues yet. Naturally though, because I bought a Mack ext warr, I doubt ANYTHING will go wrong.


    On the other hand, I didn’t buy AppleCare for my iPod, and the click wheel died 7 mos in (outside free shipping time). They should call it AppleExtortion.

    At the risk of incurring the wrath of the blurboclan, I wouldn’t buy another piece of Apple hardware if it was 75% off. I know of lots of people with iPod problems, and a reseller I used to work at was an Apple warr depot, so I’ve seen the crap first-hand. Your iBook and HD issues (as well as the other comments here) only serve to reinforce my opinion.

    And seriously, WHO critiques the grammar of someone after their technoweekend from hell?

  • Echo

    If I didn’t know better, I’d say you’ve got gremlins :/ I suppose Nikon D70s don’t respond well to “technical taps”, do they? And how many GB does 160 folders (holy cow) take up? If you haven’t already copied them to DVD, I assume that’s near the top of the list now!

  • blurb

    Mac vs. PC = All computers suck. PC users, remember XP SP2??

    One thing can be certain, hard drives fail. Data needs be backed up and done so often. We have been careless and are paying a price. I think Macs have been, in my experience, slightly more reliable than their PC counterparts.

    The iPod battery issue is interesting… I think that there are third-party alternatives to the service plan that Apple offers. I don’t think that it means iPods suck. Just that ownership means things and some of those things are going to include battery replacement.

    I’ll have more to say about all of this in a post soon, once the maelstrom of reality (and apparently retrograde magnetic issues) settle down.

  • christy

    you should have expected it, mercury was in retrograde.

  • Jennifer

    Delurking to say I’m sorry to hear about your meltdown. I’m glad you were able to get a good Franny and Zooey reference out of it, though.

  • lionemom

    What a hellish experience! I would totally lose my marbles if I thought I lost all my pics on my computer. Glad recovery is happening!

    Don’t sweat the bottle thang. My nephew never even went to the bottle. He went from the breast to the glass, never would take a bottle EVER. For more than a year my brother and sister-in-law were confined to home, or close to it, because they would have to stop frequently for breast-feeding stops on any long trip (such as to my house 4+ hours away). She was home with the kids, so that was advantageous, but TJ just never ever agreed to take a bottle. So after a little over a year of breastfeeding, he finally began drinking from a cup. Thank goodness they are done with that; their third, who is their youngest and their final child, is Rachel who is 3.

    And ROCK ON with your response to grammar-retentive!!! This is a weblog for criminy’s sake, not an entry for “Grammatical Review Monthly”.

  • southernman


    My grammar died a long time ago. I suggest you read Mark Twain. Note his grammar. Oh, his real name was Samuel Clemons. Get Life.

  • Nick

    I’ve had similar drive-scares, not just with personal files but work stuff too (I’m self-employed), so now I have my boot drive RAID-mirrored, and a two backup Firewire drives RAID-mirrored. I do retrospect incremental backups of all documents to the Firewire RAID and to a remote FTP site every night, and I backup the entire boot drive to the Firewire RAID every other day with SuperDuper! (yes, the exclamation point is part of the name). So in order for me to lose files, I would have to lose four drives at once as well as a remote FTP server.

    That doesn’t seem geeky does it?

  • Laurie

    When my dad was working on his PhD, our computer crashed and he lost 4 chapters of it. Ever since then, I have been an obsessive back up fiend. Zip drives, CD-Rom’s, stuff on the desktop and the laptop. It drives my husband crazy, but your story just proves I’m not insane.

    As to grammar, I spend most of my days now reading law briefs and you would most likely shrivel up and die from the poor grammar that is required of legal language. It really is not the end of the world, so please relax. And watch out, your participle is dangling.

  • Michelle

    Happy Anniversary! Try to forget about all the turmoil and have a great time.

  • Deenzadrine

    Gotta back you up there – Disk Warrior is AWE.SOME. I used it a few years back on my old iMac (Granite!) when I had a similiar lack of function occur. Granted, it took having to acquire a floppy drive to use the disk my uncle gave me of Disk Warrior, but damn, it was worth it.

  • 72feetabovesealevel

    Q: What did the SWAT Team penis say to the SWAT Team condom?

    A: Cover me; I’m goin’ in!

    Happy Anniversary.

  • Kestra

    You know what you’re doing, yet still had a hell of a day sorting the technological issues of your exploding computer out.

    Perhaps backing up my own files would be a good idea.


  • Jim

    Having been a Mac consultant for a number of years, I will second the DiskWarrior recommendation. I also recommend AppleJack. It’s a little app that runs in single-user mode (apple-s while starting up). It also has saved my ass (and others’) many times. When I do system updates, here’s the drill:

    1) Run Apple Disk Utility and repair permissions
    2) Install the update
    3) Restart into single user mode
    4) Run AppleJack
    5) Restart

    It may seem excessive, but I RARELY have the kinds of problems that many people talk about after updating their system software.

  • Coelecanth

    The only thing that saved my computer the last time it did something like that was the cables. They’re threaded through the desk it’s on and in order to pitch the boat-anchor off the balcony I needed to disconnect all of them. I made it as far as the moniter power cord before calming down. Too bad though, it woulda been nice to see that puppy fly, and bounce, and perhaps burst into flames…

  • Sandra

    First of all, hilarious post.

    Second, I’m not sure if I should love you and your wife (for entertaining me this afternoon) or hate you (for entertaining me so much that I couldn’t stop reading posts and got very little work done). In either case, I’ll be back – love, love, love both blogs.

  • Belinda

    It never would have occured to me until today, but you might want to hang onto some of the major parts to your large appliances. I reference the story mentioned on my blog about some nutcases from Topeka who protest the funerals of fallen soldiers because “God Hates America”, etc:

    Then I stumbled across this comment on the story on a local newspaper’s website:

    “I am the most peaceful person on earth. I avoid killing ants in the kitchen if I can help it. But I am putting the folks from Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas on notice that I do have a solid stainless steel 3 and 1/2 foot drive shaft out of a Speed Queen washing machine that I will lay upside their heads should they try their mind-blowing stunts of ignorance within the city limits of Fort Smith, Arkansas.”

    I was dumbstruck by that comment, a little…but I guess if you are a “peaceful person”, you might not have conventional weapons on hand with which to go upside someone’s head.

    Just something to keep in mind.

  • Angela

    And I’m thinking if Jon does get a hold of that shaft, it’s probably headed for Nikon headquarters.

  • Katy

    Good Grief, sounds like our household,lol.
    What is it with toddlers and things in there mouth? I could write a whole page on the things I found in Aidans…

  • juli

    1) Happy anniversary to a couple who seem to compliment each other in every way. May you always be strong for each other.

    2) Don’t sweat the small stuff, and it’s mostly small stuff. As long as your big rocks (Heather, Leta) still fit in your jar of life, who cares how much sand gets poured in it.

    3) I so totally miss comments at dooce on Chuck Fridays…

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