Flickr is still alive

I haven't seen a lot of activity on my Flickr photos in quite awhile. Today, my phone has been going crazy. I left Flickr notifications on because I so rarely receive them. This photo made it to Explore, flickr's "Best of" gallery that refreshes every day. Explore has...

Southern Utah

Here with my girls for a weekend trip. We were last here 4 years ago.


Hipstamatic. iPhone XS.


Subway platform, New York City, 2018.  

Apocalyptic Now

Long into the fireworks show, the air was so still that the smoke wasn't clearing. I noticed the helicopter shooting the show for TV had come over to the side of the show nearest our vantage point and looked like it was on an alien world and under fire. I can't recall...

Rib cage

March 2018. Constantly amazed by my phone.

On approach to PHX.

Lower Manhattan Skyline During Sunrise

I took this the morning of the 2018 lunar eclipse. I know that seeing the moon in the state it was in, even for as short a time as I was able to see it, was great. Sure. But this shot? Seeing this stopped me in my tracks and caused me to become entranced. This isn't...

Super Blue Blood Moon

This was the coldest shoot. The temperate was below freezing, but the wind gusts were icy daggers. I think I got about 20 frames of the 2018 Super Moon/Blue Moon/Blood Moon Lunar eclipse before I packed in in. The sky was clear, which is great for seeing the moon but...

Golden Rain, Touch of the Oracle by Michael Petry

Palm Springs Art Museum, December 2017 I believe this is a piece by Michael Petry, Touch of the Oracle. UPDATE: Michael has reached out to let me know: ”Touch of the Oracle at the Palm Springs Art Museum but the name of that work is Golden Rain. The work was purchased...