I'm still reeling from Graceland. It's a cross between Disneyland and a bible retreat. Memphis works hard to keep the memory of Elvis alive. I don't know if it's a case of expectation mismanagement or just that the experience was so different...

More Photos

More Photos

There's more on flickr. JB Quote: "I'd like to be quoted for something else besides 'ass cherry'."



After driving through crazy southern rain (Utah doesn't see rain like the south) and arriving in Nashville late in the afternoon yesterday, we set out for tourist central, Broadway st. After doing the loop, we settled for what appeared to be the most touristy...


At the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, there are a couple of short films you can see right off the bat. The first is called "Mystery Train" and isn't really anything like the Jim Jarmusch film of the same name. It's a kind of mashup of bluegrass, blues, soul, jazz and...

Making Time

I would love to say that this road trip all began in the Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel with a mysterious telex. However, this trip has been in the works for a few years. No mysteries. Since the three of us met via band in middle and high school, it seemed...

Auspicious Start

Auspicious Start

I'm beginning to question the wisdom of travelling with two people I've known for 28 years: The green line is where we were supposed to go. The blue line is where we went.

That Damn Murphy With His Damn Laws and Shit

Heather just finished her panel. She kicked ass. I'm very proud of her. The discussion about what is "interaction"—what it used to mean in different media, and what it's become to mean—was a good one. Vancouver reminds me very much of San Francisco, but...

The Deepest

The Deepest

I've been to Austin, I've been to Memphis, I've been to Talahassee, I've been to Apalachicola and I've even been to Charleston. However, I'd have to say that our recent trip to Beaufort, South Carolina was the south I'd always heard about. It is the most southern city...

Post Vacation

Calling wedding trips "Vacations" is kind of a misnomer. Weddings are busy things, even if you don't have a thing to do with the wedding besides being friends with the bride and groom. There are meals to eat with groups and in our case, southern customs to attend to....


Spring, 1998. Price, Utah. Holga.


Taken in 1998. Cross-processed 35mm.

Forgive me, Heather

I owe Heather a belated Happy Birthday. One that isn't tainted by vomit or diarrhea. Or delusional jabbering or by a screaming baby on the plane. Heather, Happy Birthday! You are the love of my life and the most wonderful, talented, beautiful, hot rockin' mama in the...