The Agony and The Agony

Just spent a few hours rebuilding 3hive. The problem seems to have been a wonky database. Looking at all the comment spam (and all the spam that the plugins KILL DEAD) it’s a wonder that any publishing system can handle all the crap, much less actually publishing.

I’m using a beta version of Movable Type (and it looks reallly nice) on the new hive. I’m not quite ready to flip the switch. I’d like us to be able to go out of the gate with only a couple more days downtime while the domain propagates.

I had to do a complete rebuild and because of the new stuff in the beta, I’m sure I’ll be revisiting the templates soon. I decided to change up the URL structure a bit and we’ll probably have to keep some html pages live for awhile (I’m moving us to php pages for hopefully more goodness down the road).

One Movable Type tip that I can’t recommend enough: use includes instead of template modules. The Navotron works about 1700 times faster as an include. Site rebuilds are a fraction of what they used to be. Yummy yummy includes.

Okay. It’s 2 in the morning. Must sleep.