The Best Burrito in SF

Is located inside this place:

And to rub it in to one of the commenters (and friend):

Excellent salsa verde.

  • patatomic

    Damn you Armstrong. Damn you.

    I hope you choke on that veggie burrito w/ black beans ($3.79) and 12 oz. CokeÆ (.99¢).


  • PixelFish

    Ah, yes, I’ve had burritos there. They are pretty tasty.

  • christa

    Did you get tarts at Tartine while you were in the neighborhood (based on your other pictures in flickr)? They are totally worth the wait in line, especially the coconut ones. Yum.

  • Sam Merrill

    You REALLY need to drive on down to New Mexico and try a little of our cuisine. You’ll never be the same. There is nothing like it anywhere else.

  • Jennifer in Ohio

    Where’s the guacamole??? You can’t have a burrito without guac!

  • patatomic

    Jennifer in Ohio:

    The Mission Style Burritoô, in it’s purest form has sliced avacado’s in its DNA. If you find guacamole in a Mission taqueria, you’ve stumbled upon a rare thing.

    You see, folklorists claim the the Mission Style Burritoô has it’s origins in the fields of the Central Valley of California. Immigrant workers would wrap their rice, beans and avacado in a tortilla wrapped in foil, which was convenient to break out for lunch while out in the fields. Hence, there is a dryness to the Mission Style Burritoô as it had to last for hours in standby mode. Guacamole is too moist to endure and would eat right through the tortilla.

    An excellent resource on the Mission Style Burritoô can be found at:

  • rivetergirl

    The burritos that come from the Misson are the best I’ve ever had. Thanks for rubbing it in.

  • jon deal


    I’d listen to Pat. He’s got documentation and everything! And perhaps an un-healthy fixation for burritos, but he sounds quite sincere. :-]

  • Jennifer in Ohio


    Thank you! Wow, mom was right, you really do learn something every day. We don’t have burritos like that here (whine)….

  • ortizzle

    And of course, being a TaquerÌa, it would have to have some darn good tacos, too. But the burning question, assuming that the rest of “Pechugas Suiz–” = Pechugas Suizas… is: What are the “Swiss breasts” like? 😉

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