The Cost of Dying

Honesty around medical costs in the coming months and years is going to be hard to come by. This report from 60 Minutes hit home, particularly given our recent loss (Granny Boone):

Granny specified how she wanted to go. She did not want heroic measures and she died on her terms; her family abiding her wishes. She passed quickly, beautifully and with dignity. Having a living trust, with everything spelled out and appointed powers of attorney saves you and your loved ones from the burden of making quick, wrenching decisions.

I love the tone of this piece. Too many people are not up to having the hard conversations about dying and death. It’s a fact and it’s expensive if you don’t specify how you want to die and what measures you want people to take. It’s expensive even if you do specify, but the question remains, would you want to die in an ICU or at home? Or a more home-like place?