The Former Congressman Worrying Again

  • Lynnster, yeah

    But what is he worried about?

  • jon deal

    “When will the humans feed me? Kinda hungry down here, people.”

  • Amy Mingo

    Aw Chuckles! What does such a handsome boy have to worry about? Let it go, boy!

  • Wicked H

    Channeling Leta to drop some of that yummy birthday cake!

  • Darlin’

    “Will it ever be warm again?”

  • doug

    “I’m glad I’m not in Congress anymore, because that 2.9 trillion dollar budget is already giving me ulcers”

  • minxlj

    great close-up Jon – I love the detail in his fur! I think he’s worried cos a 3-year-old human is inhaling air, getting ready to scream for CAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!! again, LOL.

    Happy Birthday gorgeous Leta. I love dooce’s monthly newsletters, always great to read and see the latest pics. Leta is becoming quite the gorgeous young lady!

  • furiousBall

    he’s got great soulful brown eyes…that really want …some …treats

  • http://Will Will

    “When will the lambs stop screaming?”

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