The Gray Lady in Green

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The Gray Lady in Green

This was taken in December, 2008, during our one-day power trip to San Francisco.

In 1998, I did a kind of interview/portfolio share at what was then CKS. I was looking to move from publishing into design and advertising. I had a dream.

So I walk into the art director or creative director or whoever’s office (I can’t remember, it was over 10 years ago) and looked out her office window. I was blown away by the view of the Bay Bridge from her desk. Plus, at that time CKS did a ton of work for Apple. Later, CKS merged with another company and became marchfirst. About 90 days later, marchfirst imploded in one of the first of many dot com casualties.

Now the ad network we work with on the mothership has offices there. Spectacular views and great people.

This shot was taken with the Canon G9 during a break in meetings. Not bad for a point and shoot. Not bad.