The Holy Grail of Mousing

Sorry for the break in baby news, but I have to share something wonderful. Something marvelous.

In my utter geek Hall of Shame sits a pile of hardware/software that I have a strong affinity towards. This morning, on a complete whim, I grabbed one of the devices that was collecting dust in the basement (and which has been moved from San Francisco to Los Angeles to Utah) to see if there was any chance of saving it. I couldn’t be happier about what I have discovered.

For those who love to use trackballs as their primary pointing/mousing device, I have discovered that I can use the Kensington Turbo Mouse ADB, the best trackball ever made (their new ones don’t even come close in feel, quality and durability) with OS X. ADB, people! It’s not even native USB!

To connect this to my Dual G5, I had to use Griffin’s excellent iMate, and then downloaded the latest Kensington MouseWorks software. Imagine my elation when I saw this in my preference panel.

I can’t believe I can use this and it works wonderfully. The best thing is that you can assign buttons (I’m using it with my left hand) and the driver supports chording. Chording is where you click two buttons at once. I have the bottom two buttons set to scroll; vertically if I move the trackball up and down, horizontally if I move it side to side. Beats a scroll wheel any day.

I’m in ergonomics heaven. I wish it supported Expose directly, but for now, I’m able to use one of the best tools I ever had.