The Hypocritical State of the Union

The president talks about hope and liberty and freedom and how great the U.S. without a hint of irony that the very things that he champions abroad isn’t a what he’s championing in the U.S.

He just mentioned a “free and democratic Iran”. Then, a few paragraphs later, wants Congress to extend the Patriot Act… which erodes the civil liberties he touts us building overseas.

Terror. 9/11. Liberty. Freedom. Al Qaeda. I think he just winked at Rove. Anybody remember special prosecutor Fitzgerald?

“…we need the support of our allies…” Except when invading other countries.

“Act responsibly and make the tax cuts permanent.” Yay! Tax cut and spend! That’s responsibility I think we can all agree is awesome! Massive deficits RULE!

“Human life is sacred…” Except if you’re a prisoner in Iraq. Or any religion but that of the President.

“Americans are addicted to oil.” Secret psychic message: Thank Jesus for that! And my buddies in Texas couldn’t be happier. Or have better profit margins.

Best moment: When he said that Congress “failed” to pass his Social Security Reform and all the Dems cheered and stood and the Republicans sat, glum and stone faced. Great moment.