The Internet Needs to Take Some Meds

For the life of me, I do not understand the uproar over the flickr/Yahoo! account changes.

What is the big deal? Does anybody have a valid reason for being upset besides something that makes one sound like a 3 year-old?

  • djcramer

    Oh man, I couldn’t agree more. I even delurked and created a TypeKey account to say how much I agree with you.

    What’s the big deal?!

    I was an ‘Old Skool’ member and I had no problem merging my account and moving on with my life. Aren’t there better things we could be focusing on?

  • julie

    You know, I wasn’t so concerned when I received the email, went to the switchover link, and setup a new Yahoo! account. But after reading a lot of the complaints, I’m a little worried about Yahoo!s policy on account deletion/suspension. I don’t want to have my Flickr account “accidentally” deleted, with complete photo loss, just because I haven’t signed in on the Yahoo! homepage to check a mail account I don’t care to have.

    Of course, I don’t really know any of the details, and just my re signing-on to Flickr every now and again may counter all of these concerns. I don’t have any datamining concerns, like others have. I really don’t care at this point – everyone has my frickin’ email!

  • ken .

    My wife and I share the laptop at home. We both have Yahoo accounts, but I’ve abandoned my Yahoo mail. Currently I can visit Flickr on a whim (it’s remembered my “old skool” password), no matter if my wife’s been logged into Yahoo. When I have to use my Yahoo acct to get to Flickr, I’ll have to login every time, and logout or she’ll end up in my Yahoo mail.

    Not a huge inconvenience, but it’s still less convenient than having my login info saved. And that means I’ll only visit Flickr when there’s a good reason to.

  • stacey

    People will find something to complain about for everything.

    I’ve been using Flickr with my Yahoo account since I joined Flickr. I’d had the Yahoo account forever, but never used their email. And I’ve never had any problems. So all of those crazy people need to settle down. :)

  • Darlin’

    I don’t get it either. I have been using my yahoo login for a while now and I find it easier. Maybe I’m not “old school” enough. That seems to be the base of the argument. “Naw man, I remember flickr back in the day. I’m so old skool dude.”

  • leo

    Yeah, I don’t understand the uproar either. I switched a while back, simply because it makes one less password to remember. Y! isn’t a huge evil corporation out to take our personal details and sell them to the highest bidder for fifteen dollars and a barrel of molasses.

    I think its the allure of small company vs. big company… switching to the Y! login concedes to the Old Skoolrs that Flickr isn’t just Flickr anymore. Its now Flickr, a Yahoo company.

  • Kath :-)

    I’m one of the complainers. A polite complainer, tho. I migrated EVERYTHING over to Gmail. Suggested (nicely) if they have to be affiliated with anyone, affiliate with Gmail.

    I’m over it now.

  • jenB

    sounds like a case of everything you used to like is lame now. take a deep breath and get a new ID. sheesh. i could only read one page of rants.

  • Natalie Buxton

    My issue was I have the same username everywhere.

    If I cannot have the same userid I’m a little unhappy.

    It turns out that the old username they have at Yahoo is in fact mine, but at an email address I haven’t used in years – so I cannot reclaim it.

    This is an annoyance, but not something to say “hey don’t use flickr”.

    I’ve actually been considering stopping using flickr entirely for some months (before the yahoo thing came to light) simply because they did lose some of my photos, and because what happens if something bad happens™ ?

    Better off hosting it all on my own stuff.

  • mihow

    Well, we were a little irked by it at first but got over it pretty quickly. We both switched, not a big, big deal but then Toby wasn’t able to sign on for over a day. Just didn’t work, which annoyed us a bit. I had trouble getting a yahoo screen name that didn’t require adding numbers and underscores, which is annoying when you have about 15 different Web sites (and therefore passwords), 6 email addresses (with different passwords) – you get the point.

    I do actually already have a yahoo email but it’s linked to a private Flickr account that I use sometimes for clients. I guess, had I known this was going to happen, I wouldn’t have used that account but not a big deal.

    I guess, for me, it’s just annoying to have to add another username/password thingy to my long list of existing ones.

    In the end this opens up potential user name conflicts. At least for me and TJ. I tried signing up using a mihow yahoo account and that was already taken. Most everything easy to remember was already taken. In the end I had to get creative about it.

  • mihow

    P.S. I do hope that I don’t sound like a 3-year-old, however.

  • Alison

    I just liked being old skool for once. I guess that makes me three years old, huh?

    My Yahoo ID is ages old and still valid, even though it is from a part of my life I’ve moved beyond. It’ll be easier to merge that to my Flickr account than create a new one, and I’m okay with that.

    I’m still gonna wait until the last minute, though.

  • Chris

    A lot of what I read seem to come down to people that thought they were too cool to use Yahoo for anything. The fact that Yahoo has owned Flickr for about 18 months seemed totally lost on them.

  • digimom

    The legit reasons I saw were for people that DO use Yahoo’s home page stuff and email and the like AND have *multiple* Flickr accounts because they can’t stay logged into Flickr and keep up with their mail and calendar in another window. Not unless they set up their calendar in each new Yahoo profile.

    For me, I’m fine. I only have one Yahoo profile and one Flickr account.

  • Zoot

    I switched over to a Yahoo! ID as soon as it was a possibility. And I did is as Heather’s suggested, I added _flickr on the end of my old username. It was my son’s idea at the time, and a good one.

    It has not been difficult at all to remember the login, and I just can’t help but look forward to the changes. I used the Yahoo! Photos Beta as they were making it behave more like Flickr. I’m looking forward to future announcements.

  • Darlin’

    I admit I have the same problem as Natalie- an old yahoo ID that I would like to use but I can’t reclaim because it is “taken” by me. I can’t get it back and can’t login to it- Yahoo needs to fix that.

  • furiousBall

    I agree, there’s a lot more important stuff to get upset about. Pick your battles people…then again we live in a country that has more voters for American Idol than the presidential election.

  • erat

    I merged my accounts a while ago so this is not a big deal.

    However, if I start seeing targeted marketing pop up in my pro Flickr account (“…as a service to our customers…” of course) Flickr can kiss my money (and my ass) goodbye.

    Yahoo can do good or evil things with the new data mining opportunities that go with the merging of accounts. Plaster ads all over the free services, but my paid account is off limits.

  • Spamboy

    Probably because it makes the experience of Flickr seem less of a internet-backwater-secret to more of a corporate commodity — kinda like when a small town gets its first Super Wal-Mart, and the sprawl of civilization can’t be far behind.

  • Torrie

    I fear change.

  • regan

    this whole thing smacks of the hysteria in Boston. complete and total over-reaction.

  • MelissaS

    I was worried it would make my Flickr UserID match my Yahoo ID, which is really stupid. I like just having my name.

    But once I sucked it up and did it, that’s not the case. So I worried for nothing. Which happens all the time and never stops me.

  • charmarie

    I agree what is the big deal…it’s not like you’re going to die because you merge. Your title said it all, sometimes people whine to much, over nothing.

  • midwestgrrl

    It’s just irritating. Yet another ID/password I have to create and remember, plus the name I want to use is already taken — by me, from an old Yahoo email that I’m not allowed to re-use.

    However, I expect I will get over it.

  • smartlikestreetcar

    I’m worried because now my Yahoo ID and Flickr account have to match.

    So now I’m Studley_Hungwell in Flickr. Everyone’s going to be so disappointed!

    Oh, wait… Whew! Melissa says I don’t have to worry about that, so how do I delete this….

  • ranzino

    I agree, I can’t understand the level of outrage. The only argument I can understand is people not wanting to be associated with Yahoo! because of their opinion on Yahoo’s alleged help in human rights violations in China. But if that was the case, they should have left 18 months ago after Flickr was bought out. Everything else seems to be a minor inconvenience at best. I merged awhile ago, and I have been completely ignoring my Yahoo mail for years, no problems. I know these online communities are important to people, and I love Flickr, but I sometimes wonder how these same people react when something truly important happens in their actual lives and communities. Do they have the same passion and vitriol? Perhaps they do.

  • Lori

    I stayed Old Skool for as long as possible — even though I already had a Yahoo! account that I use regularly for other stuff — mainly because I wasn’t convinced something bad wouldn’t happen if I switched. I switched this weekend, and so far, nothing bad has happened.

    Looking at it as a software engineer, I can totally understand why Flickr is doing this. *I* wouldn’t want to be the one to have to maintain two codepaths going forward. I already have to do this in a bunch of places in the codebase I work in now, and it’s a royal pain.

  • tedfoo

    Thanks for this post Mr. Blurb. I made a light joke about it on the official “old skool merge” thread over at Flickr and was immediately called a “troll”.

    I’m glad there are sane people like you left in the world.

  • moonrattled

    I have two flickr accounts so it was a bit of a pain for me to have to set up two yahoo email accounts in order to log in. It would be nice if they could tie more than one flickr address to one email address. But once it was done it was done.

  • Hans

    Amen! What’s the big deal? I get tired of the internet being a giant whinefest at times…

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