The Light in Autumn

The Light in Autumn

One of the reasons I love living where there are four seasons is the light throughout the year. Summer evening light is different than winter evening light. One of my favorite times of year for light is Autumn. About 10 a.m. or so, the light is just fantastic.

Mountain Leaf

The above shot was taken at Bear Lake, Utah in the mid-morning. Shortly thereafter, I got in trouble for learning how to get to the top of the mountain on the four-wheelers. I didn’t tell Heather what I was doing. Everybody warned me that Heather was upset. But then later that day, my family watched Leta and Heather got to ride a four-wheeler for the first time where she took these photos. Pretty fun and worth the scolding, but the light was so severe, my retinas felt like I had been in some bizarre Clockwork Orange re-education scenario.

To recap: Autumnal light great for photos, painful for recreational vehicle riding.

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