The List Will Not Die

The lads over at 3hive have posted their end of year faves. If you got an iPod or other MP3 player during the holidays (would an iPod be given to celebrate Chanukah? Is it blasphemous to suggest it?), get on over and load up with the best free, legal independent music of the year:

Sean’s List
Sam’s List
Clay’s List
Joe’s List
My skimpy, yet still good list
Shan’s List (when he updates it, I’ll link to it)

Did I mention that the music is FREE AND LEGAL? And GOOD?

Rock it, people. It’s time to rock out with your procedural tools out without getting grief over downloading music from any of the behemoth acronyms, e.g., RIAA, BMG, et al.

I have to agree with Hicks; Sigur Ros, Takk is the best album of the year. I’ve listened to Milano about 1,700 times and I get goosebumps during both of the builds. It’s a great album. But if you want to see a great video, check out Glosoli. Stellar.