The Natural Order of Things

I like Bill Clinton. He’s human. I voted for him in 1992 when I lived in the most conservative county in the country, Utah County, Utah. I voted for him again in 1996 when I lived in Salt Lake City. When the Lewinsky stuff broke, at first I thought he should resign. Tnen I watched how the Republicans handled it. It was worse, in my mind than what Clinton had done… The equivalent of a media tar and feather job. Ken Starr and Newt Gingrich lead the way, posting graphic testimony on the internet, because the people had a right to know.

For years I couldn’t figure out why the Republicans hated him so badly. They put someone worse in the White House than Bill Clinton. It made and still makes no sense.

This morning I watched Today and the interview President Clinton had with Katie Couric. She asked him why he thought Ken Starr went after him so hard. He said that the Republicans thought the natural order of things was that they would always hold the White House and that his election upset their view of the natural order of things. Perfect.