The Next Morning in America

I’ve made no bones about my support for Barack Obama. On the eve of his inauguration I am thrilled that he’s the person to lead the United States out of the garbage created by the previous administration.

Every incoming administration faces this to a certain degree. This time, the country is facing wars, economic distress and a hunger for intellectual decision making. The country is facing the severe impacts of cronyism, a lax regulatory environment and a bureaucracy hell bent on given the president more power. Hundreds of signing statements and executive orders that need to be overturned and repudiated. A bunch of broken departments across the government spectra (Justice, Health and Human Services [“morality” medicine anyone?] that need some ass kicking. This is going to be hard work.

Despite the sad state of things, I have hope that decisions will be made over the next few months that will make life better. Maybe not immediately, but in a few years, I believe that we’ll be happier, healthier and on the way to living more responsibly. I don’t think the Obama years will be marked by miracles, but I hope that they will be marked by competent decisions and brilliant people bonding together to realize at least a smidge of the human potential.

Idealist? Me? Yep. At least for a year.

This inauguration is a huge step for the U.S.; we are moving forward, proving, in no small measure, that we can do great things. We have elected a person of color to be president. I figured I’d be a grandparent before this happened. I figured wrong and gladly so. We did it. We made this happen. What else can we do?

I’m interested in your thoughts about this historic day, even if you didn’t vote for Obama or don’t live in the U.S. Please share below, if you feel like it.