The Next, Next Big Thing

The Next, Next Big Thing

The next several days will be filled with iPad reviews, commentary and speculation. I just poked around AppShopper and I’m very excited for the future.

Apps I’m most looking forward to playing with:
Netflix app:

ABC Player:

Yahoo! Entertainment:

NYT Editors’ Choice:

I’ve long held that the internet could and should be a backend to a single purpose app. I’m anxious to see how this kind of thing develops and if the subscription model holds for those apps trying to make a go of a subscription model.

I’m also anxious to play with photo editing apps. The touch interface is fantastic for doing certain kinds of work on photos. Sure, I’ll use it as a reader and comparisons to’s Kindle only remind me of my desire to start touching the Kindle screen to select text and click links. I’m happy that Amazon is releasing their Kindle Reader app for the iPad as well.

Yeah, I know, I suck if I buy this. Stick it in your keister, bub. I’ll enjoy being a good consumer. Just like you, comrade.