Chuck - Yes, This Corndog Stick Came Out His Butt by Jon Armstrong.

The Saga of the Corn Dog Stick

About a month ago, we attended a party wherein Chuck stole and ate a corndog from a child. He consumed not only the hot dog portion (invoking weird cannibal issues), but also the stick portion. As Heather has noted, we never saw him pass the stick.

Last week, Chuck had several x-rays of his abdomen. We thought it might be the stick and we’d have to have it surgically removed.

Today, Chuck passed the stick. WHOLE. The photo below should tell a substantial part of the story. Heather will undoubtedly tell the rest.

Chuck - Yes, This Corndog Stick Came Out His Butt by Jon Armstrong.

This is no lie. The stick shown next to Heather B. Armstrong’s hand was eaten and then passed by Former Congressman Henry Buck Chucklesworth Hamilton Armstrong aka, Chuck after a 30 day gestation.

  • jesslin

    That is quite possibly the strangest thing I’ve heard all week. But it’s cool that you don’t have to pay surgery bills!

  • Susie

    What goes in must eventually come back out. Damn that’s a pretty big stick… and it never even got chewed or broken. The Former Congressman must be feeling LOADS better.

  • Wendy

    *in awe of Chuck’s digestive powers*

  • erat

    I’m guessing Chuck walks a bit more loosely now? I’d probably be pretty stiff if I had a stick like that in my gut.


  • kerri

    Yikes; just say no to corndogs.

  • Meretrice

    My gawd!

    Reminds me of when my Daughter ate an orange at lunch and the sections came out whole. I thought she was pooping her own colon.

  • lajhen

    Ohhhhh sick!

  • kristine

    CHUCK! dear lord!

    I saw this on flickr and thought you might like it…and maybe someday explain HOW THE HELL THEY DO THIS!

  • Dr. ZAx

    Chuck has done VERY well. Kind of reminds me of a dog our family had when I was a child. It ate rocks as a matter of routine. Unfortunately the poor thing decided to take on one that was a little too big. Bowel obstruction removal surgery here we come!! Less than three weeks after healing it did the same thing and even more unfortunately he couldn’t be saved the second time around :(


  • Beth

    Holy Jesus God. I can’t say much more than that!

  • Katie

    I can’t believe nobody has said this yet…

    Talk about a stick up your ass!

  • Kelly

    I had a Yorkie that passed an entire beef rib bone… Which is like, insane, when comparing the size of the bone to the dog. Sadly, it literally tore him a new asshole (One end was a pit pointy and it didn’t come out straight) and that was a vet bill you don’t even want to think about.

  • nicola

    Did you have to dig it out of Chuck’s poo and then wash it to take a photo? yuckkity yuck!!

  • Anne

    I bet his eyes watered when he passed that.

  • Mike

    I’ve gotta stop visiting your’s and Heather’s sites at lunchtime!

  • robin

    My mom brought her new puppy home from the animal shelter. One week later, the puppy pooped out pieces of nylon, that said, “Pasadena Animal Shelter.” He had eaten his entire leash!

  • indigo

    Cripes! That was one heck of a stick! I read Heather’s blog about Chuck, and the vet, and then I had to go back to my blog and write about what I’d do for my dog…. God I love my dog!

    Glad Chuck made it through!

  • patatomic

    I’m glad that someone in that house is passin’ something.

    It’s official: I shall never own a dog.

  • mihow

    It couldn’t have been a popsicle, a piece of satay or even a kabob of sorts, no. It had to be a corn dog.

    I’ll take food on a stick for 1000.

  • yades

    Im not sure who I am more worried about….the dog who had the priviledge of not only processing but passing a whole stick…or the person who has been following him around disecting his crap for the past MONTH!! How much dog poo can a person look at before feeling a little shitty!! Hahaha.

  • ned

    I’ll bet the former congressman was wishing he was still passing laws and not corndog sticks…….

  • Feaverish

    When I was about six I swallowed a long, thin LEGO block (I think it was eight “units” long, by 1 unit wide ó I had been trying to separate two stuck-together pieces when one of them, well, went down my throat). Much to my relief, it came out with no special discomfort a couple of days later.

  • Carli

    #1 – I miss the comments section on dooce, but I understand why they aren’t there. Some people just have to ruin a good thing.

    #2 – poor Chuck’s bum!! But lucky for him it was a popsicle-like stick and not the sharp pointy kind.

    #3 – between Heather NOT pooping, Leta pooping out her diaper like a play-doh character and Chuck literally turning himself into a corn dog, you’re the only one with a normal rectum in the house! Count yourself lucky and buy a lottery ticket!

  • erat

    Next time, don’t use the dog to store your corn dogs. As you can see, it’s a flawed system.

  • Audrey

    This is so unbelievable!! It took 32 days to exit poor Chuck. Oh the PAIN it must have caused…. It’s a wonder he made it through…. My mother used to say: “Truth is stranger than fiction.” This definitely applies here!!

  • Shawna

    That’s nothing. Feed him some bubblegum and then watch what comes out in seven years! (Or is that myth only perpetuated up here in Canada?)

  • Laurie

    Poor Sen. Chuckles. I had kidney stones a few years back and if the pain was anything like that….gah, I don’t even want to imagine.

    Glad to hear he’s doing aokay. And Carli is right, go get yourself a powerball ticket.

  • RazDreams

    that’s just plain neat. p.s. we drank whiskey tonight.

    (and i am still so much laughing at robin’s comment above)

  • minxlj

    Poor Chuck!! I’m so glad he’s OK…I’m sure he’s quite relieved, and I’m sure he’ll try to do it again! and I thought that MY dog ate everything imaginable…!

  • The Muff

    Oh, ok. I didn’t realize there was a thread to this (apologizes profusely for improper use of thread, but not a geek here).

    Glad to hear “everything came out all right”.
    But knowing that you and Heather are wine drinkers, let me give you a piece of advice to help prevent future trips to vet.

    Make SURE, if a cork is broken during removal (it happens – I’ll take Bully Hill in a twist off before Riunite with a cork any day – the cork was SO dry, it actually broke my friend’s swiss army knife) to FIND the broken piece if it is on the floor, and IMMEDIATELY dispose of.

    A few years back, a clumsy friend broke a cork in half while removing it. It landed on the floor. Where the cat ate it. 7 dollar bottle of wine =’d a 200 dollar vet bill.

    A few days after intense laxative therapy, a Bully Hill cork (I’ll always love Bully Hill Wine-especially since they switched to the artificial corking material-but this was pre a.c.m.) came out in the litterbox. As this poonkie covered love nugget floated in the commode, all I could read of the original cork detailing was Wine w
    Supposed to say Wine with

  • Joseph

    could’ve been worse…

    when I was 18 months old, I swallowed a one and a half inch rusty nail (which, coincidentally, was the approximate diameter of my stomach at the time).
    It took me several days to pass it, during which time my parents did a lot of poop scooping (well, not so much ‘scooping’ as ‘rummaging’ really…)

    Sadly, we don’t have a copy of the x-rays…

  • Dawn

    Might Chuck consider forming a splinter group called TOP DOG, or is it HOT ASS DOG, or maybe SHIT HOT DOG, oh who knows – just glad he is ok!

  • honey bunny

    jon & heather-

    i’m still trying to figure out how he pooped it out WHOLE. i mean, how did it travel through his intestines without ripping the poor guy open?

    this would be an AWESOME episode of “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”! remember that show? it was my favorite thing to watch on sundays before Punky Brewster.

  • the mighty jimbo

    wow. really. WOW. that IS impressive (not as impressive as it coming out sideways, but still). either chuck has a teflon coated GI tract, or heather needs to seriously consider adding kibble to her diet.

  • stacey

    that’s incredible. have you guys thought about getting him signed up on yet?

  • Jinxy_Boi

    hahah, that’s pretty gross

  • MzOuiser

    This is why I stick to cats.

  • Lauri

    Dare I say it? Holy shit.

  • Tina

    Wow, just wow.

  • thleen

    Formerly known as “Chuck on a stick” now known as “Chuck with out a stick.”

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