The Tide is High

Despite the spin of the White House and it’s cronies, here’s more proof that FEMA was run in a horrible fashion. It would appear that Brownie did not in fact do a heck of a job. At least at anything other than making people wait for him. Who had the idea to blame the locals? Because, like so many other things (WaPo, registration may be required) in regard to the current administration, it just keeps getting worse. Especially when your own people turn on you. For all of the post 9/11 talk of Bush leadership, it’s getting very hard to see any credibility where the words “leader” and “George W. Bush” are linked.

george bush and the soldiers, one of whom appears to be a military PR flak
(link to Village Voice story)

This all seems so similar to the Watergate era of the Nixon administration in so many ways. Unpopular war, inflation, high energy costs and growing dissatisfaction with the way things are going. I remember being perplexed as a child by Watergate. All the players, the constant news and the hearings interrupting my afternoon TV were too much for my young head. When Nixon resigned, my family was pretty upset and I wanted to know why. One of my sisters explained that the President lied and that for a person in that position to lie meant that he needed to leave.

What about this President and his players? It will be interesting to see who, if anybody falls in the next few weeks.

All of the links in this blurb were found via Talking Points Memo. Crazy times, man.

October 20, 2005 Link

  • Kev

    I have a quick analogy:

    Village Voice : Liberal
    Fox News : Conservative

    I can’t say that I’m surprised that such a liberal media outlet is bashing Bush. Just like I’m not surprised when Fox News bashes Democrats/Liberals.

    /just saying
    //here come the flames in my direction
    ///putting my asbestos suit on…
    ////slashes are fun.

  • Broch

    Thinking back over all presidents in my memory(Ford and later), I think that Jimmy Carter was the only one that didn’t have a blemished reputation by the time they left office. Strange days we live in, and strange standards that are required of our leaders.

  • Stephanie

    1- Go to Google ( )
    2- Type in the word “Failure”
    3- Instead of clicking “Google Search,” click “I’m Feeling Lucky.”
    4- Spread the word before the people at Google “fix” it.

  • IndependentThinker

    You really need to stop swalowing liberal media stories hook, line, and sinker. One of the soldiers that was part of that little news conference stated in a communication to his family, dated prior to all the stupid hubub you people are spreading, that his comments and questions were not prepared in the way the liberals are stating. So the soldiers wouldn’t come off as the rubes that the liberal media loves to make them out to be, they did a practice run of the conference a few minutes beforehand. All the words coming out of their mouths were their own. Grow up. Move on.

    Yes, the Bush administration is mired with stupidity and scandal. Insert Clinton for Bush and what do you have… the same thing. do we have to bring up Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City, Intern/Sperm-gate, White Water?

    Someday, I would love for the wacko conservatives and the bovine liberals to stop slinging mud and actually do some good, maybe reform the federal government so that it doesn’t take three days to react to disasters or $5000 to buy a hammer.

  • Emily

    My neighbor has a great new bumpersticker on his car:


  • Emily

    OMG Stephanie – your Google “Easter Egg?” is hilarious…..I hope it keeps working….

  • sd

    That’s “Googlebombing” at work. Nothing more.

  • mihow

    Either way, I think the tribe has spoken.

  • VTOL

    Yea, as long as you didn’t mind a little stagflation or one of your embassies being taken over by a bunch of students, Jimmy Carter was great.

  • wendi

    while some of the blame for the debacle that was new orleans certainly must land on fema and the federal government, you certainly can’t think that the local and state governments in louisiana are blameless. while i am, by no means, a bush fan, there is just so much evidence out there, if you choose to see it for what it is, that both blanco and nagin dropped the ball on this thing, and then pointed their fingers at everyone else. how do you explain the hundred or so school buses, sitting in two feet of water, just a few miles from the superdome? nagin has said, over and over again, “this is my city”, and yet he did nothing, except curse in front of the television cameras, to help “his people”. great effort on the cursing, but not so much with the helpful. don’t make bush out to be the only bad guy in this thing, there is enough blame for every one involved to go back for seconds! let’s not like bush, but let’s not like him for the right reasons.

  • blurb

    No one said that the local authorities in Louisiana or Mississippi were blameless. Just that President Bush appointed the wrong person for the job. For a president who deals in loyalty and absolutes, his loyalists absolutely suck.

  • Brando

    Independent Thinker, what a bunch of blah blah blah. What media outlets that you are reading make the soldiers out for rubes? I have been reading the traitorous liberal media since before The Spanish-American War II: Iraqi Boogaloo started, and I don’t remember ever reading an article that made soldiers look like fools (outside of the Abu Gharib coverage). They are usually portrayed as either a) brave folks trying to do a tough job or b) brave folks being screwed by the incompentents running this show.

    Clinton certainly had his share of scandals, blunders, and disasters. Every President in my lifetime has. But there has been nothing since Vietnam (a Bi Partisan/Wink Martindale production) that has made us look as arrogant, bumbling, and vulnerable as Iraq. It’s like we volunteered to build the sets and provide the extras for a terrorist propaganda film.

  • erat

    Yep, Carter definitely had Iran and his beloved Shah to deal with.

    That, a bletcherous economy (I believe my family had a 14% mortgage in 1980 when we moved into our house in Virginia, and that was discounted), odd/even gas days, energy crises (crisises? crisii? Whatever)… I could go on.

    Carter and the Dems haven’t been shining beacons of reason over the past few decades any more than the ‘Pubs. I say throw ’em all out and start over.

  • urs

    Frodo failed…Bush has the Ring!

  • Walking Contradiction

    two words.
    Karl. Rove.

    ’nuff said.

  • Walking Contradiction

    Two more words.
    Tom. Delay.
    I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  • skowronek

    Am I the only one that has noticed the soft-porn, gretchen liebrem ad? Or just the only one that will mention it?

  • dragonlady474

    urs says:

    “Frodo failed…Bush has the Ring!”

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard in a long time!

  • lipseyebrows

    Bovine liberals?

  • erat

    Soft porn?

  • jessica

    i so agree with you

    but quesiton! where is your wife? lol she hasnt updated and i almost stopped breathing when i wasnt able to get at least a brand new sentence funny update from her page! lol.

    hope all is well with you and your family!!

  • Donovan Phillips

    A bit of trivia for you… who has the record for the highest approval ratings ever by a US President? Dubya. ( ).

    Doesn’t that just make you want to move to another country?

    The good news is that he’s on his way to also setting the record for the lowest ever, too. :) The wonderful decisions he’s been making lately are assisting with that, I’m sure.

  • Walking Contradiction

    Not only is he on his way to the lowest approval ratings EVER, (at the expense of thousands of American lives), BUTTTTT, he also is going to set the record for MOST vacation days taken as President, eclipsing even Ron. Reagon.


  • subbes

    Well, you gotta give Reagan some credit: he took so many vacation days because he couldn’t remember if he’d already taken them. Bush takes ’em ’cause he needs frequent breaks, what with that short attention span of his.

  • skowronek

    Not to be the straw man, but, who the hell cares. Tell me how many Presidents have dealt with the shit that Dubya has? Not that I agree with everything he’s done, I’m far from that. But, I would love to see any of you ‘finger pointers’ dare to name a single person on the face of this planet that would WANT to be president of the good ol’ USA following Sept 11, Katrina, etc. etc. etc. You keep pointing fingers at his ineptness, but I guarantee you, none of you so called, ‘self proclaimed experts’ could even stay sober let alone calm and collect with all that has transpired during this presidency (granted there was the crazy idea of going into Iraq.)

  • Chris

    “Just that President Bush appointed the wrong person for the job.”

    And therein lies the problem: these positions are appointed. The Federal Government drives me nuts in the way they handle positions and decisions. They appoint people. Forget about a lengthy job interview, forget about getting the most qualified person with the most background and experience. Let’s just appoint our buddies and run a country.

    I wonder what the business world would look like if it was run like the US Gov? Enron maybe?

  • erat

    Who would want to be president after 9/11?

    Let’s see, how many folks ran in the 2004 elections? How many folks are bucking for a spot on the ballot in 2008?

    I’d say there is no shortage of people who want the job. Keep in mind, Bush didn’t HAVE TO run for a second term. He asked for it. Don’t cry for him if you can avoid it.

    And how many presidents have dealt with the “shit” that Dubya has? Plenty. Rather than go into a history lesson, pop open any US history book and look up wartime and near-wartime presidents. Kennedy, for instance, was president at a time when the world was on the brink of WWIII. Bush’s “shit” pales in comparison to all out nuclear (sorry, “nucular”) war.

  • skowronek

    Had Kennedy been president now! Tell me, had Kennedy been president after 9/11, what do you feel he would have done? I’m curious, in light of what happened at the Bay of Pigs, you tell me, just what would Kennedy have done? Thank you for the excellent comparison.

  • urs

    honestly, i think if Bush wasn’t elected president in the first place 9/11 and everything to follow wouldn’t have happened. there are too many reports that clearly point to his lack of jugement when he had the evidence!

  • erat

    I believe Kennedy would have invaded Afghanistan just like we did (and then probably would have brought everyone home instead of making up excuses to invade Iraq because, y’know, we were in the neighborhood and stuff).

    The world changes, people change with it. That’s how life is supposed to work. Having screwed up at Bay of Pigs, I believe Kennedy would know better than to wimp out twice.

    You can surgically select one incident here or one incident there and make someone look good or bad. However, you didn’t ask about that; you asked who’s had to deal with the kind of “shit” Bush has dealt with since 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, etc. So I gave an example.

    Are you saying botching a hurricane relief effort and having to deal with terrorists in the US compares to complete annihilation of Cuba, Russia, the US, etc.?

  • skowronek

    Agreed, trying to compare brain pans between Kennedy and Bush isn’t going to work. I was more trying to point out that we all have our faults. Can’t we all just get along? =) I think I’m done with my rant now. Have a nice day!

  • VTOL

    Kennedy would have found a small insignificant South-East Asian country to send ‘advisors’ to in preparation for some major domino falling prevention. Either that or just find another quick lay in order to be one up on Bobby.

  • Lane Meyer

    I have considered moving to another country…if only I could find one that doesn’t hate Americans. My son deserves to live a life where he isn’t hated by the world. Anyone have any suggestions?

  • erat

    I’ve considered moving to Canada (Vancouver, B.C. actually). The process of changing citizenship and the $thousand+ per person for the paperwork seemed excessive. I believe it also takes many, many years to push the paperwork through the proper channels, and even then you may not be given citizenship. I haven’t encountered anti-American sentiment from Canadians I’ve encountered other than the usual “no, we DON’T want to be like you” stuff that I more or less expect from non-US countries.

    My wife and I still haven’t ruled out V, B.C., though. Or at least I haven’t. (If they give me crap, I’ll tell them that my mom’s side of the family is Canadian. They’ll have to let me in then. [cough])

  • VTOL

    The prospect of 50% of your earnings going to a central government and living within a short drive of the Arctic Circle probably seemed a little excessive as well.

    Ouch, I’m being hated. Stop. It hurts.

  • erat

    Almost 50% of my earnings already go to a central government so I don’t think it would be much of a change.

  • patatomic

    What really bothers me about Bush is how he took a golden oppertunity (9/11) to unite our country and the world against terror. But for some reason, which is still very unclear to me, our troops are in Iraq. Why are we not focusing on getting those responsible for 9/11? How many billions of dollars have been spent on Iraq? and for what? I just don’t get it.

    Did anyone else catch Bill O’Riley on The Daily Show on Monday? Uncomfortable, but hilarious.

  • Neesja

    has anyone tried typing failure in google and clicking “I’m feeling lucky”? Pretty interesting…

  • Michael


  • Marcus

    Well, President Bush will be gone at of 2008 so get your whining/complaining/bitvching/moaning in while y’all can!!! (he says tongue-in-cheek) :-)

    Granted (yes I’m a conservative republican for all of the labelers out there) his second term isn’t going quite as well as his first. I’m not sure a liberal/democratic type of candidate would be doing any better. In fact I think a democratic president would have handled a 9/11 type disaster in a completetly (and probably ineffectual) diferent manner.

  • patatomic

    Ummmm….I’d like to know just how Bush handled 9/11 well. From what I gather he hasn’t done much in the way of serving justice to those responsible.

    Come to think of it…what HAS he done well? Somehow I think that I’ll be whining about BUsh WAY after 2008.

  • Walking Contradiction

    Say it with me now….

    “Osama Bin who?????”

  • Emily
  • Anne

    Dude, Nixon got us OUT of Vietnam.

    Vietnam and Watergate aren’t exactly contemporaneous, either. But you used the word “era,” which eeks you through.

  • Marcus

    The people directly responsible for 9/11 went up in flames when the planes flew into the towers. The goal (then and now) was to get the scumbag m*therf*ckers who financed/planned 9/11 and gave the oreders for it to happen. I think he started off well and I don’t have a problem with us being in Iraq. Saddam Hussein NEEDED to go!

  • erat

    Getting the folks who financed/planned/whatever 9/11 would be like swatting one mosquito and thinking there won’t be any more mosquito problems, or taking down the Pope and considering the Catholic church dead. It’s a tremendous waste of money, time and (as our track record has shown) innocent lives, and in the end it won’t mean squat to terrorists who I gather don’t operate in a top-down corporate manner, but instead more like a peer-to-peer Bittorrent manner with nothing centralized to “take down”.

    Catching the folks who made it all happen — even capturing Bin Laden himself — wouldn’t be anything more than a very expensive symbolic “win.”

    Want to deal with terrorism? Figure out a way to make attacks less likely to happen. We (the US) claim to have stopped multiple terrorist attacks from happening just by using our own intelligence. Take all those billions that we’re wasting chasing ghosts in the middle east and do more with intelligence.

    (Do I have a plan that would work for my suggestion above? Nope. That’s why I hire folks like Presidents: it’s their job, not mine. However, we could start by paying attention to our own intelligence information and not punishing people for blowing whistles.)

  • m.

    I haven’t been reading this blog long because I only found it through recently. I have sent your wife maybe 3 emails (see my email address for reference) regarding something else, but, I did bring this up in the last one. I’m very offended at some of the comments, not the ones above. I know that you have “trolls” and I’m not sure about what that means exactly. Is it someone who disagrees with you or someone that harrasses you. There’s a difference and I sincerely want to know the answer. I’m not trying to be mean in the comment. I’m trying to express what I think. What I find offensive is that when someone disagrees with you, they are attacked by your regular readers. “Attacked” is a huge understatement. Some people are obviously disrespectful. Some of your readers attack them for being nasty but they attack them back in a much more vicious way. A lot of people read your’s and Heather’s blogs and you have a lot of traffic which helps you sell advertising. People may agree with some things but not others. I don’t agree with everything that Heather says but I still think she’s a good writer. I read some of your posts but not others. Some of your posts have really pissed me off. If you only have “yes men” around you then you lose your perspective. I get very hurt sometimes even though I have never commented on your site before at the way some people are attacked. I’m afraid to even say what I think here if it’s even slightly in disagreement with you.

  • m.

    I forgot to proof my comments above. I hope no one is offended if I spelled something wrong or something was grammatically incorrect. I did forget one thing. I did read in one post about people giving you advice and what you said wasn’t so nasty but you basically fed this person/persons to the “sharks.” The things in the comments directed at them were really abusive, not all of course, and had to be way worse that whatever the advice was. I was offended because of one of the topics of that conversation. I won’t bring it up here so that I’m not opening a can of worms. It’s your blog obviously and you have a right to let people comment as you see fit. Sometimes the comments section is really nasty. I know that you have a lot of “fans” and sometimes I’m not sure if someone is saying what they think or just defending you because they’re fans. I’m posting this in comments instead of an email because it relates to comments. I’m sorry that it has nothing to do with the post.

  • m.

    Last thing. As a parent of a child with a developmental disability, I’m especially offended when ANYONE, however big an ass they are, is called a fucktard. I assume that is short for fucking retarded.

  • Mitch

    It astounds me at the amateurish job the Dubya crew does at just about everything. The attempts to spin bad things and their own screws up are laughable. It may sell to the domestic crowd, part of them anyway, but the rest of us are laughing under our breath at the clown-filled car you call an administration. As bad as any other President has been this one wins for worst.
    A lot of people up here are holding their breath for the day Furious George and his mob are marched out of office. One can only hope that they will be held accountable for the messes they have made.

  • m.

    Sorry for the above comments. I just looked up the definition of “troll” on wiki and those comments would put me in that category because my comments are off topic.

    I think the appropriate place for me to vent is in my own blog. So never mind.

  • 72feetabovesealevel

    There’s been about a bazillion (it’s a technical term) studies looking at the liberal/ conservative media thing and they have all pretty much come up with the same thing: Big Media follows big money. Not a real shocker when you think about it. Itís not a left right thing itís a money thing.

  • Carol

    Holy shit, where do I start?

    Nowhere and everywhere, so I won’t even attempt to make sense of my feelings/thoughts.

    Have a good night, everyone!! God bless you all (fuck, I hope I didn’t just offend someone… shit!!)

  • char

    I agree that it would be interesting if it all played out like Watergate…

  • hibiscusfire

    I am fascinated by self proclaimed conservatives that still proudly declare their support of George Bush. Unless they believe that the heart of “family values” means picking on gay people? That the fact that happy gay families live together and decorate is a much greater moral atrocity than the fact that we regulary turn little Iraqi kids into collateral damage? (Too bad Osama…oh wait…Saddam, didn’t hide deep in the heart of Texas. I wonder what Americas would have thought of Shock and Awe over central Dallas then?)

    Or maybe they think that patriotism and support of the military consists of sending our solidiers into battle unprepared and unarmed and then cutting veterans benefits? Or maybe that passionate conservatism consists of appointing officials to run agencies like FEMA – people who don’t even realize that there may be something morally nauseating with ignoring a whole bunch of stranded black people in the middle of a sinking city.

    Or maybe they think that fiscal responsibility is first and foremost about prioritizing coorporate tax cuts and tax cuts for the wealthy over balancing the budget of the country. And that the most efficient and fiscally responsible way of spending American tax dollars is by handing out no-bid contracts to companies who can’t seem to wipe their own asses without using $100 bills. (Why didn’t Bush ask Americans to dish out the $100 billion for the Iraq war the day we invaded? “My fellow Americans, We are faced with an enemy that we must confront. If you do not have a family member who is currently risking their lives in Iraq or Afghanistan, please do your part and send an extra check for $400 for every member of your family in the mail with your taxes this year. We don’t want to have your grandkids to have to pay for that once the interest adds up. God Bless”

    Those are the main “conservative values”, right? Family, military, fiscal responsibility? The republican party has always done such a wonderful job of branding them as their own and never actually living up to that promise (otherwise, they’d be out of a job?)

    Fortunately, now they have Fox”News” to help them dumb and dull their well meaning supporters. A station that would never report on a story like this ( where one fat Republican threatened to leave the Senate (oh no!) if they dared to cut his $250 million bridge to nowhere in Alaska. Of course he won. Overwhelmingly.

    Please, if you are an educated, well meaning Republican…please, please, please explain!!!!

  • Marcus

    Actually… It was a few days ago but Fox News did mention the Senator from Alaska making that threat.

  • ozma

    That’s funny. When Nixon resigned, my mother baked a chocolate cake and let us jump up and down on the bed and yell ‘WE HATE NIXON! WE HATE NIXON!’ It was way fun.

  • Anne

    Hibiscusfire – for someone who says they want conservatism explained to them, you certainly do have a vehement, if not puerile, opinion about what it means to cast one’s vote for a Republican candidate. Obviously, you’re entitled to your posted comments, but come on, don’t bother asking an educated “Republican” for an explanation after ALL THAT.

    How amusing!

  • Amanda B.

    Yeah, FEMA needs to get off of their proverbial ass. There are people on the Coast still living in tents with FEMA trailers in their front yards. Why are they still in tents? Because the freaking government hasn’t hooked the trailers up yet.

    We were told 8 weeks ago that we qualified for a trailer, since we can’t live in our house yet. There are 1,000 trailers sitting in an empty lot about 20 miles from my house. They’ve been sitting there for weeks. Why? Nobody knows.

    I realize that they have a lot on their plate, but these are just basic problems that could be solved with a little organization.

  • Coelecanth

    Ah, here we go again. As an interested bystander (Canadian that is) I’ve yet to see an arguement in any comments section that persuaded anyone of anything. I guess it serves a purpose in letting people vent, but that’s about it.

    But hey, I live in hope. I’d really like to see a rational, well thought out explanation of the conservative veiwpoint. One that addresses fundamental issues such as why no one was held accountable when no WMD’s were found. How does one support a government that starts a war based on at best mistaken and at worst deliberately falsified information?

  • Anne

    Coelecanth – I don’t think an explanation of a conservative viewpoint has to include anything about WMDs. It depends on whether one wants to hear about an individual’s conservative viewpoints or if one wants someone to explain (justify), in sweeping, broad terms, the platforms of the Republican Party.

    Being conservative – and voting Republican in an election – doesn’t necessarily mean an individual supports everything GWB does or has done.

    But I agree with you – comment sections have become little more than a place for venting and/or fawning, although I like the comments at She’s a centrist law prof and her readers are intelligent and thought-provoking … from all ends of the political spectrum. Good discussions over there.

  • Marcus

    Anne… I voted for President Bush in 2000 and in 2004. Partly because I am (gasp!) a Republican and partly because I thought that he was better than gore or kerry. Granted he, nor his administration, isn’t perfect. (Personally, I think John Roberts was/is a great choice for the Supreme Court and Harriet Myers isn’t. I’m not sure what the hell President Bush was thinking.) but has anyone heard about a President or his administration that could be considered “perfect”?

    I agree with the comment someone made that this particular comments section appears to be a platform for ranting and venting.

    It’s a fact of life that people will either like or dislike a president (Republican, Democratic or other party) and his administration for a variety of reasons.

    One last thing. Jon, what’s the definition of a comment that sucks? Just wondering…

  • hibiscusfire

    Anne- I guess I’m one of those strange people who makes up my mind about what a Republicans stand for by watching what their (reelected) leaders do, not say. For instance…watching a person say something (rememeber “no litus test”?) and then do something (elect a person with no judicial experience to the highest court in the nation and assure his supporters that she is anti abortion).

    I’m a little confused by what you mean my “opinions” of what republicans stand for. I listen to what they say and then see what they do. A bit simple, I know, but I have a life outside of politics. I find it hard to call the fact that veterans benefits were cut by a Republican President during a time of war as my “opinion”. Or the fact that a lot more innocent Iraqi bystanders have died in Iraq in the past year then were killed during 9/11. Or the fact that we now have the largest deficits in the history of this country. These are vehement statements, you are right, but I see little puerility in any of them.

  • Marcus

    Marcus – I’m a social moderate and an ecomonic conservative, in a nutshell. I also think Miers is a horrible pick. I do think, however, that the stage is being set for a withdrawal of Miers’ nomination????? Man, I hope so.

  • Anne

    Whoa. That was me, Anne, up there in #64. Not Marcus. Why the heck did my name appear as Marcus and not Anne? Argh.

  • Marcus

    I’m not sure!

    I never did like Mondays… :-(

  • Marcus

    As far as I’m concerned she has two strikes against her…

    #1. She may be a good attorney but I think that someone should have judicial experiance before they take a seat on the Supreme Court. Seems like a good idea to me anyway.

    #2. I’m not agaisnt religion but everything I’ve seen/heard/read makes her out as a really big Christian fundimentalist (hope I spelled that right). Like I said, I’m not against religion but having someone who is a fundy-anything on the Supreme Court seems like a bad idea.

  • Anne

    Marcus, I agree. I’m not sure why Bush didn’t appoint her to some other federal bench to give her some experience and allow her to demonstrate some sort of judicial interpretation/opinion. She just doesn’t measure up to the other Supreme Court justices, past and present.

    I don’t have a HUGE problem with a vocal and/or fundamentalist Christian being a Supreme Court Justice because a good Christian attorney/politician/judge can still separate church and state. I think a Christian should want to maintain that separation for their own self-interest, really. The Christians who want constitutional bans against things like gay marriage are only asking for the state to someday intrude into their lives … maybe look at their religious practices, how they raise their children, etc. So maybe Miers can separate the two, but she hasn’t the experience to show it. But I digress.

  • Melanie

    what’s so frustrating is all the bullshit news that we’re constantly spoon-fed by the mainstream media. and i hate to be one of these people who blames “the media,” but they really do act like puppets most of the time. the staged soldier “conversation,” for example, was a mere blurb in both of our local newspapers, and neither paper mentioned that the whole thing was staged! and then you hear audio snippets of people at the southern baptist convention (earnestly!) expressing their beliefs that it’s god’s will that bush is in office… it’s really easy to give in to the feelings of incredulity and despair that, for me, naturally follow. when will people wake up? WILL people wake up? when will we demand accountability from our chosen political representatives? when will we take back the political process? how, even, do we begin to do this? well, i guess you have to start somewhere. i followed your links, jon, to the website for rosalind kurita, a democratic candidate for the 2006 senate from my homestate of tn. she’s running for frist’s seat, and i volunteered to help her campaign. baby steps. thanks for the links. and the voice.

  • Marcus

    Melanie (or whomever can answer this), Where did you find out that it was staged? I had heard little snippets that it was and that it wasn’t. But, I haven’t heard or seen anything to back that up the statement that it was staged. I’d like to know! :-)

  • Melanie

    well, i guess it was obviously “staged,” in that it wasn’t spontaneous, but i’m specifically referring to the question that has been raised in certain media outlets of the planned nature of the questions and answers. i first heard that there was some question of the authenticity of the answers provided by the soldiers on the today show a couple of weeks ago (their answers were rehearsed & might’ve been more or less provided by white house staff, the q&a was coordinated with the goals of the dept. of defense, etc.), and it’s been reported in various associated press articles since then. but i really don’t find it surprising that bush would hold a conference with a group of military yes-men and women; to do otherwise would really quite defeat the whole purpose of his little pep rally. what i find surprising (and more than a little disturbing) is that people buy into this malarkey. and i find it insulting that the current administration thinks so little of the people and their capacities for reasoning and logical thinking – and, hell, even basic reading skills – that they would pass this video conference off as an honest reflection of the situation in iraq. apparently, we’re all supposed to smile and nod and keep our hands quietly folded in our laps. it’s the political eqivalent of being patted on the shoulder & told not to worry my pretty little head about a thing. it’s patronizing. it pisses me off.

  • Marcus

    “…various associated press articles…” This seems a little vague, but I’ll look into it.

    Of course it wasn’t spontaneous, video conferences have to be planned don’t they?

    Now, I haven’t seen the video in question so I shouldn’t comment on the validity of the questions or the answers. But I will say this. I wouldn’t be surprised if the soldiers in question were not told about the types of questions that President Bush might ask. Why? So they would have time to think about and formulate their answers before hand. That’s not the same as being told HOW to answer a question. Does that sound reasonable?

    Frankly, the rest of your post is more ranting and raving. There’s nothing wrong with that (I enjoy a good discussion like anyone else). Hell I’ve even been known to rant and rave on occasion.

  • Carol

    As far as getting things explained to you, have you guys ever heard of Neal Boortz? He’s in Atlanta, but nationally syndicated. AM talk radio. By definition, he’s neither Republican nor Democrat. He’s Libertarian. He’s pretty extreme, but will give both sides what is coming to them. You’ll probably hate him, but we listen to him a lot AND disagree with him a lot. But he’s pretty smart. Check him out if you want. Just my two cents. P.S. No, I don’t work for him or his station!! : )

  • Marcus

    Sounds like Micheal Savage.

    He wrote a book called “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder”.

    He does gives BOTH sides hell though. 😉

  • shoelover

    What is worse?

    Righties that complaint about soft, communist,philandering liberals or lefties that complain about cold, manipulating neo-con?

  • Marcus

    What is worse?

    I think, neither of the examples you mention. What is worse is not caring.

    What do you (i.e. everyone who reads this) think?

  • Daman


    What’s worse?… I’d say neither. The guy/gal in the middle who looks at both candidates, decides neither is a good choice, and still votes for one anyway is worse than either a staunch Republic or a staunch Democrat.

    Be cool. Be original. Be smart. Vote “none of the above” if neither candidate is good.

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