The United Colors of Autumn

  • Severine

    Very nice, thanks for sharing.

  • Kevin

    All these pictures almost make me miss Utah. Very nice!

  • mari

    You and dooce are making me homesick. I love Chicago but it just doesn’t have Utah’s abundant natural beauty.

  • Michael Moore

    Despite my intense hatred for autumn, I wish it would just get here on the leaves. Worcester is green and frigid. :(
    Maybe another week, and campus will be that beautiful. Until then, you’ll just have to keep posting these photos.

  • DG


    Today, for the first time ever, your pic has a slight edge o’er The Dooce’s Pic o’the Day.

  • Amanda

    I can’t wait to go skiing, wear big socks and sweaters and drink hot wine!

  • jenn


    great pic. i live in phoenix and we never get to see fall like this. thanks for sharing.


  • Totah Sam

    hell! that’s more flamboyant than me. :op

  • Betty

    I think the Utah tourism board should start paying you for all the potential business they’ll receive from your pictures here.

  • Gretchen C.

    Ah, bloody hell, what am I doing in Southern California? I must go to the mountains immediately. Maybe it’s autumn up there by now. As you know, we don’t *do* autumn in Orange County.

  • Lori D

    It looks like the background for the original Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros.! Only more real.

    We get beautiful autumns here in St. Louis, but Utah’s landscape is so much prettier.

  • Katie


  • Rod Damnit

    Um, hi. I’m new here. I’ve never blogged before. Stop laughing at me. I’m a nice person and I used to live in Utah. I’ve been to the place in the photo and, if memory serves, I peed on the fourth pine tree from the left, behind the stand of quakies. Sorry. I was camping, I really had to go and the port-o-pottie was on fire. Thank you.

  • CursingMama

    You and Dooce should really be getting paid a lot of money from the state of Utah – because day after day I find it climbing my “places to vacation” list.

  • derek

    ah, makes me miss Utah. I lived in Lehi for 3 years and still miss the beauty of the state. Especially the fall. Keep up the good work!
    I may disagree politically, but I respect your right to be wrong. 😉 lol