Time to Look at Stimulants With a Measured, Clinical Eye

We are home this morning. I feel like granite, as does, thanks to a fading memory of Flunky The Clown, my pancreas (he mentions his prostate in this clip, but you get the idea):

New York greeted us with open arms, after lying beside us in the dark. The weather was spectacular and beautiful and we saw some good good people. Sadly, not all the good good people of NYC, but quite a few. Spring has sprung and the green leaves and 70°F weather was amazing. And I wanted to spin in circles and sing theme songs to 70s sitcoms.

Just in case you didn’t know: My lady was on the Today show (topic blog post on the Today show site here)! I’ll let the rest of the world hash out the aftermath. I’m just stoked that Heather had the opportunity and was able to do a great job, regardless of the circumstances. Before you get huffy, realize that Heather was bumped from the originally intended interview and that it was meant to go a different direction. Just take a deep breath. No one died.

Several of you have asked where you can see the video. I’ve embedded it below. I have no idea if there is a kill date or not, so hopefully, everyone who wants to see the video will be able to see it.

Thanks to Sarah Brown and her agent Anne for the hookup at Soda in Brooklyn. They were good sports, even when we went way past the 7:30 end time. Also, great to see Alice and Doug! Greg, you were missed! Soda didn’t complain when we moved the line outside and kept it in front of the establishment. Also, thanks to every one of you who came out and waited on line (apparently New Yorkers need the space between “on” and “line” to indicate the difference between waiting in a line and being a part of the cloud/tubes). It was lovely to meet everybody and I’m always floored by what Heather’s writing has done and the people we’ve met. Some photos here (thanks for sharing them, Marta. Great to meet you!). Heather gave me permission to “turn it on”. Which I did. Which may have scared the straights. See just about any photo with me in it. Daddy likes his bourbon. Personal note to Todd and Lisa: I am not normally that cranked up. Wednesday night was the Annual Spring Fling wherein the months of snow and bitterness melt away and the resulting endorphin rush simulates any number of illegal substances, none of which I’ve ever done (speed/meth/cocaine/etc.).

If you were there and didn’t know it, Heather had been up since 5 am NY time (3 am, Mountain) working. Then she did the Today Show, then Brooklyn for the meetup and Cringe. We got back into Manhattan at around 1am and finally to sleep a little later. Crazy. And she still updated her site yesterday. She’s working hard for it, honey. So hard. And I couldn’t be more proud.

New York, I love you again. Thank you everybody. You rule!