Today’s Earworm – Lights Out, Words Gone

Lights Out, Words Gone from Bombay Bicycle Club off their 2011 full-length, A Different Kind of Fix has a great feel, despite the downer-ish lyrics about wanting to settle down with someone who doesn’t want to settle down. It’s the feel that’s getting to me. I’m a sucker for the lopey shuffle of the hi-hat/shaker in the background, the very 1980s British rhythym guitar (first heard at :55) and the blinky synth backing up the melody. The lyrical content is not quite up to Paddy McAloon levels of clever, but the female vocal delivery is pure sultry, Sprouty breath. The verse bassline is a little Talking Heads. Something about the move up to the fifth at the exact moment a Talking Heads song does. I actually agree with a Pitchfork review!

I am awash in 80s reminiscence, plinks and strums.



The keyboard nerd in me has to note that the vocal pads are very reminiscent of any number of 1980s hits that used the Emulator 2 sampler (vocal samples at 2:38):

More sampler goodness here.