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  • Blurbomat - Jon Armstrong - Spring is Coming - Arches National Park, 100mm Zeiss Makro-Planar T* 2/100 ZE, 2012, Canon 5D Mark III, dead tree, Jon Armstrong blog, Jon Armstrong Photography, Moab, red rocks, stark, travel, tree, Utah

    Spring is Coming

    Arches National Park. Dead tree. Cold skies in December. Stark and beautiful. Goal met: no sentence longer than three words…

  • Chalk Stories by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Chalk Stories

    An almost abstract image of a large red rock covered with a lot of chalk from humans trying to conquer…

  • Bekkah Rayborn reaches for the top of the boulder. Taken near Moab, Utah by Jon Armstrong for

    Grip 2

    The symbolism is rich in this simple bouldering image.

  • Needles by Jon Armstrong.


    A macro shot of cactus needles taken outside of Moab, Utah. Manual focus.

  • Half of Zero by Jon Armstrong.

    Half of Zero

    What's left of a zero from a gas station sign, just, you know, hanging from barbed wire.

  • White Puppy About to Orate by Jon Armstrong.

    White Puppy

    Mr. or Mrs. White Puppy would like to talk with you.

  • Grip by Jon Armstrong.


    Manual focus, a bouldering side trip and some positivity.