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    Vintage Detroit Iron

    Continuing the vintage iron nameplate/letterform love. And a brief history of equally vintage station wagons I have known. Not biblically.

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    Rust. Texture. Shallow depth of field. What's not to like?

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    Left on Green Only

    A springtime image for your Friday morning commute during our spring pledge drive. Except I'm not doing a "pledge" or…

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    See What the Day Brings

    1990s song reference. Sunrise shot. Glory, hosannahs and whatnot. Pretty. And I'll tell you what: I'm damn glad to have…

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    Corinthian Capitol Capitals

    Detail shot of the Utah State Capitol. If you like neoclassicism and pina colada? One of two tickets to paradise.…

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    Dramatic shot of the Utah State Capitol. Such a drama queen, this one.

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    A super cropped shot of dead plants (I can't tell what they are, I'm sure one of you knows) in…

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    The title of this refers to a song from my youth that we sang in Mormon services. Something about popcorn,…

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    Willow? Wilted?

    I shot this in my mom’s backyard on Sunday, while Marlo slept and Leta regaled us with theories of how…

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    Here comes spring. I can't type the word "spring" without thinking about Bill Evans.

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    Growth Spurt

    It's morning in America, everybody! Or wherever you live. It's always morning somewhere. I've heard.