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  • Link: Peace, an ad-blocking app for iOS

    With the advent of the latest iOS (9.0), content blocking is now allowed on the platform. Which means ad and…

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    NSFW Archive: Henry Rollins from a few years ago about selling out.

    There is grown-up language in this video, so you may want to be careful where and when you view it.

    I have always had the urge to just give Henry Rollins a hug.

    Found via Braiker’s tumblr.

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    Great Billboard & Great Reddit Response

    The best part of the comments is all the ad-strategy criticism. I think because everyone’s grown up assaulted by ads from day one on the planet, they end up a) feeling like they’re experts by virtue of passive experience and b) carrying a lot of low level resentment around over having no say in being forced into becoming an audience for thousands of pitches a day. Which they then work out on a billboard for a one-off chicken place. But overall, they really seemed to love it.

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    Facebook Ad headline: “Meet Local Women”. Facebook thinks I have a thing for older women?

  • Fathers Seek Advertising That Does Not Ridicule

    Dad 2.0 Summit gets a profile in the Sunday New York Times.

  • Ogilvys Steve Simpson Calls for More Online Ad Transparency

    Another article about changing online advertising...

  • Measuring clicks in online brand advertising is wrong

    A great presentation from Facebook about the changing nature of online advertising.

  • Start Something…With A Pitcher Of Vodka

    The 1970s were fantastic. Fondue, groping, hair and booze. Subliminal sexual references. Sublime cultural touchpoint.

  • The Future is Here Now™

    Super hot 1960s era Corvette ad featuring three to four things that are supposed to sexy: 'Vette, pilots, stewardesses and…

  • Creative Note

    A great quote about advertising and a link to a real life Mad Men legend.

  • Online Advertising for Indie Publishers: Banners Alone Won’t Pay the Bills

    Unless you are one of the top 10 sites on the internet, banner ads as your primary source of revenue…

  • Kevin Kelly on This Year’s Superbowl Ads

    Kevin Kelly is awesome. So is the ad I embed in this post.

  • Time to Rethink Online Ads

    Link to a piece about the state of online ads and how the direct response model has killed creativity in…

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