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  • Imperfect Glass

    Philadelphia skyscraper reflection; vintage and contemporary architecture...

  • Rippled View

    Through the looking glass.

  • Defying gravity

  • Theodore Roosevelt District Court Building, Brooklyn, New York |

    The Great and Powerful

    Crazy Hipstamatic.

  • Grumpy, funky column capital |

    Grumpy Capital

    Capital? Yes. Read on for more.

  • Inside the Woolworth Building | Jon Armstrong for

    Sad, Happy

    Faces on a wall. Moods. Whatnot.

  • Above the front door of the Woolworth Building in Lower Manhattan. June, 2015.

    Worth. Ding.

    The Woolworth Building.

  • Perfectly Fine Middle Class |

    Perfectly Fine

    Graffiti detail, 190 Bowery.

  • Link: The Future of Web Design is Hidden in the History of Architecture

    Great piece on Medium from Mike Sall with a look back and forward at web design. Love the thinking: Within…

  • Scandic Palace Hotel in City Hall Square, Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Palace Hotel, Copenhagen

    Very top of the Palace Hotel in Copenhagen.

  • Old school shot with Hipstamatic

    Old School

    Hipstamatic is still my friend.

  • Archtecture shot in lower Manhattan.


    Looking up.

  • Hearst Building

    More of the façade from yesterday’s image.