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  • Trees in Zion National Park along the Virgin River.

    In the Sticks

    Zion National Park, October, 2014.

  • Arctic Contrasts

  • Lookng up from the valley floor of Zion Canyon in Zion National Park.

    Zion National Park in Black and White

    Continuing the flood of Zion National Park photos. Management apologizes for any inconvenience.

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    Leave a light on for me

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    Trailside General Store

    Sad state of affairs for this boarded up convenience store from my youth.

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    It’s Not All There Yet

    Yeah. The iPhone Wordpress client doesn't let me edit this part of the post. Management regrets this missing feature and…

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    Storm Front

    First image edited in Lightroom 4. Loving the new Basic module. Makes more sense.

  • Grinder by Jon Armstrong


    Spring, 1998. Price, Utah. Holga.