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  • Volkswagen lying about emissions

    Link: Volkswagen’s Cheating Scandal Is Costing Them – $18 Billion USD

    This is major, major, major corporate shenanigans: Late last week, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency ordered Volkswagen to recall nearly…

  • Beats and Apple

    I’ve been an extremely casual Apple news junkie for the past couple of years. When news hit yesterday afternoon that…

  • Jon Armstrong - blurbomat - discussing the new Mac Pro

    New Mac Malaise: Mac Pro v iMac v MacBook Pro

    I’m guessing most of you could care less about this level of geekery, but I liken this to buying a…

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    GhostBird acquired by Yahoo!, Kitcam and PhotoForge 2 now removed from the App Store

    GhostBird acquired by Yahoo!, Kitcam and PhotoForge 2 now removed from the App Store |

    Crap! I was just about to do an exhaustive series of screencasts showing how amazing KitCam is. It has become my go to shooter on the iPhone and now it’s dead! I love the ability to choose a lens and film combo, shoot and then edit later and if I decided to change the lens and/or the film, I could do it non-destructively and without having to reshoot.

    I wonder if Yahoo is going to integrate anything from KitCam into the Flickr app. If they did, the Flickr app would be miles better than Instagram.

    Here’s the post from GhostBird (developers of KitCam).

    I don’t think I’m hopeful about this news.

  • Dad 2.0 Summit, Mom 2.0 Summit, Dad bloggers

    The Daddy Business Trip

    Dad 2.0 Summit, Mom 2.0 Summit, Dad bloggers
    photo: Jill Krause

    Why I attend Mom 2.0:

    Here’s the most obvious secret of the dad blogosphere: Men’s clout in the online parenting space is negligible in comparison to women’s.

    Men are way behind in the parent blogging space. Way behind. Just watching how women network and socialize in an entrepreneurial/business setting is education enough. Never mind their work for social good (1, 2, 3, 4). A lot to take in from a business perspective, parties or not.

    Andy Hinds killed it this New York Times Motherlode post: The Daddy Business Trip –

    Hat tip: Kathrine Stone’s Facebook

    The original Wall Street Journal article is here. This article would have been better if it was less about stay at home moms who blog and just how much money there is in the mom blogger sponsor space and how that has changed blogging as a business. I know, I’m being naive. It’s better for the Wall Street Journal to link bait and be condescending. And offensively ignorant in 2013.

    Mom blogs have changed the business landscape for women. Where’s the reportage about that? I’m seriously asking.

  • 120702-mdoughty by .

    The future won’t bring new Radioheads

    The music industry. Hard truths. Excellent writing from great songwriter, Mike Doughty. I'm a little gay for him right now.…

  • A Return to Print

    No, I didn’t get a job art directing a print mag. I am sharing my first MagCloud effort, Phoney.01. It’s…

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