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  • Blurbomat - Jon Armstrong - Turkish - 2012, city, late summer, neon, pike place, pike place market, seattle, signage, travel, type, Jon Armstrong blog,, Jon Armstrong Photography


    A neon sign in Seattle and I gush about my oldest daughter. So proud of her!

  • Geek by Jon Armstrong.


    Missing letters on signs = good times.

  • eleven-thirty-three by Jon Armstrong.

    Eleven Thirty-Three

    Shot of an exterior art deco wall clock on Seattle's F.W. Woolworth building & some Michael Graves link action

  • Overhead shot of Seattle, Washington

    Flying Early

    Seattle skyline from the plane. Lovely.

  • Street level photo in downtown Seattle, Washington of second and third story windows. The upper window is boarded up with plywood separated by a stone carved ornamental detail. The lower window has the word


    Ironic urban graffiti from Seattle, a street version of "I'm with Stupid"?

  • photo of a street sign at Pike and Pine in Seattle, Washington taken by Jon Armstrong.

    Pike Place & Pine Street

    Gritty urban texture, important subcultural touchstones and a great Tom Waits song.

  • get-out-while-you-can by Jon Armstrong.

    Get Out Before the Fire

    Downtown fire escape taken in Seattle. Look at that sky! Nary a cloud.

  • capitol-sconce by Jon Armstrong.

    Capitol Sconce

    A neo-classic revival sconce on a 19th century/early 20th century building. Welcome all conspiracy theorists!

  • image

    Left on Green Only

    A springtime image for your Friday morning commute during our spring pledge drive. Except I'm not doing a "pledge" or…

  • image

    Corinthian Capitol Capitals

    Detail shot of the Utah State Capitol. If you like neoclassicism and pina colada? One of two tickets to paradise.…

  • Hey Manhattan

    Hey Manhattan

  • Crane by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.


    Found this guy posing it up as I was wandering around downtown Vancouver. I love the crazy angles. The lens…

  • Dome by Jon Armstrong


    Taken in downtown Vancouver at the Pacific Centre. Heather and Maggie were dying to see the new H&M which had…