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    The Daddy Business Trip

    Dad 2.0 Summit, Mom 2.0 Summit, Dad bloggers
    photo: Jill Krause

    Why I attend Mom 2.0:

    Here’s the most obvious secret of the dad blogosphere: Men’s clout in the online parenting space is negligible in comparison to women’s.

    Men are way behind in the parent blogging space. Way behind. Just watching how women network and socialize in an entrepreneurial/business setting is education enough. Never mind their work for social good (1, 2, 3, 4). A lot to take in from a business perspective, parties or not.

    Andy Hinds killed it this New York Times Motherlode post: The Daddy Business Trip –

    Hat tip: Kathrine Stone’s Facebook

    The original Wall Street Journal article is here. This article would have been better if it was less about stay at home moms who blog and just how much money there is in the mom blogger sponsor space and how that has changed blogging as a business. I know, I’m being naive. It’s better for the Wall Street Journal to link bait and be condescending. And offensively ignorant in 2013.

    Mom blogs have changed the business landscape for women. Where’s the reportage about that? I’m seriously asking.

  • Blurbomat - Jon Armstrong - 1:14pm, CST by Jon Armstrong. 2013, architecture, Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4.0 L IS USM, Dad 2.0 Summit, Houston, Jon Armstrong blog, Jon Armstrong photography, personal travel, photography, reflective, winter

    Houston. 1:14pm Central Standard Time.

    A reflective building in Houston causes ripples in the space time contin... It's just a building.

  • blurbomat - Jon Armstrong - Houston Bird in front of the Houston Police Department Building

    Houston Bird

    The Houston Police Department Building. And a bird in flight. Mr. Mister comes to mind. Something about taking broken wings…

  • Fathers Seek Advertising That Does Not Ridicule

    Dad 2.0 Summit gets a profile in the Sunday New York Times.

  • Jon Armstrong - - Royal Blue Print Co.

    Royal Blue Print Co.

    Great old sign in Houston. The business that is there has nothing to do with prints, blue or otherwise.

  • Jon Armstrong - - The Morning Sun Heralds Like a Diva

    The Morning Heralded Like a Diva

    Nature, showing off. AGAIN.

  • Jon Armstrong - blurbomat - Emblem

    Mark V – Logo

    Vintage auto emblem/logo mark from a Lincoln Mark V.

  • Jon Armstrong blurbomat - Antelope Island Inversion

    Antelope Island Inversion

    Blogger takes photo of an island in the clouds from plane. Cliche police have been called. They are awfully busy…

  • Jon Armstrong for Doug French kicks off the Dad 2.0 Summit in Houston, Texas, February 1, 2013.

    Dad 2.0 Summit 2013 Recap: Leprechaun in the Hood

    Recap of the 2013 Dad 2.0 Summit. This epic scroller may take the cake for the longest post ever.

  • Jon Armstrong for Lincoln Mark V in front of the Four Seasons Hotel in Houston, Texas.

    Lincoln Mark V

    A very sweet car that fits right in Texas-like, the terrible threes and a reminder about decision making.

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