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  • Schlep and Repeat

    Waterlogued abstract.

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    Glitchy Twitchy

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    Distended Tulip

  • 20130430-065046.jpg by .

    Decimated Tulip

    Almost quilt-like.

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    Decim8 is a great app for experimenting and completely jacking images. Non sequitur: Anybody else having a hard time getting…

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    Valley scaffold

    Photo using decim8, a photo munging app.

  • Standstill

    Heavily tweaked and manipulated iPhone shot using decim8, Camera+ and Juxtaposer.

  • Post Post Modern Plaid

    Did this one entirely on the iPhone. Layered three images (all of them tweaked in decim8) using Interlacer and then…

  • Numbered

    iPhone image tweaked with decim8, grungetastic and interlacer.

  • Checks, balances

    iPhone photo tweaked with decim8.

  • Corrupted Power

    iPhone photo jacked with decim8.

  • Tweaked Grandma Glass

    Tweaked Grandma Glass (Taken with instagram)

  • I wish I had decim8 in 1996

    I wish I had decim8 in 1996 (Taken with David Carson’s Mom)

  • Digging on Decim8

  • Tunnel In or Out

    Taken with instagram

  • Lost Inside