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  • White Puppy About to Orate by Jon Armstrong.

    White Puppy

    Mr. or Mrs. White Puppy would like to talk with you.

  • He’s Missing Mama

    He’s been following me like this for hours. I haven’t seen this much of him since 2008.

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    Giant Dog

    This guy showed up at Bar Tonique when we were enjoying the second round of expertly concocted drinks. Massive. And…

  • He’s in Heaven

    Also: NOT DEAD.

  • She’s in Heaven

  • She’s trying to sleep.

    She’s trying to sleep.

  • He’s not buying it

    He’s not buying it

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    This is an older shot of Coco. I had intended to post this back in 2002, but Coco wasn’t born…

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    Coco is in Time Out

    As she should be. Note the worried eyes. She gets like that when I growl at her. This is taken…

  • Dog Interview: The Apple “Event”

    Everybody and their dog is talking about what Apple has in store tomorrow: Fewer people are talking about the State…

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    Coco in a Fleeting Moment of Stillness

    It’s so difficult to use existing light to get this dog sitting still. When she’s lying down, it’s not a…

  • Coco is Not Chuck

    Yeah. Not zen at all.

  • Chuck dodges questions about healthcare town halls

    A sad day for democracy and patriots.

  • Stuck Inside by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Stuck Inside

    Like a kid who can’t play outside because it’s too miserable, Coco dreams of warmer, less rainy days.

  • Chuck Talks About Recent Judicial Developments

    The liberal media elite grill the former Congressman for a sound bite on Ms. Sotomayor’s Supreme Court nomination and the…

  • Chuck Talks About the State of the Economy: Auto Industry

    I sat down with Former Congressman Henry “Buck” Chucklesworth Hamilton Armstrong to discuss the state of the economy and how…

  • Crazy Beautiful by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Crazy Beautiful

    She’s a cute dog. But she’s literally screamingly insane. Literally. Just when I think I’ve gotten her to LISTEN, she’s…

  • Coco Levitating by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Coco Levitating

    Chuck won’t get close enough when out for a walk to get a shot like this. He knows that child…

  • I Know This Look Well

    My friend Josh tweeted this video: Coco doesn’t have the blue eyes. But she’s got that kind of crazy going…

  • Coco Plowing Through by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Snow Coco

    I’ve taken probably 200 shots of this dog this winter trying to get good snow/action that shows off her love…