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  • Watching and Waiting

    Watching and Waiting

  • Coco Furrocious Demon Eyes

    Coco Furrocious Demon Eyes

  • Hind Leg Confrontation by Jon Armstrong for Chuck and Coco go at it. Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Important Enough to Get Up On the Hind Legs

    Coco’s youthful energy will not let up on Chuck on the daily walks. She simply must continually go after him…

  • Vampire Dog Goes In for the Kill by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Vampire Dog Goes in for the Kill

    Coco has been rolled (sans-Rick) too many times here and has HAD IT. Playing with Lightroom 2.0. Not bad, still…

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    Dog Conversation

    From a couple of weeks back. Coco seems to have mellowed by 3.75%. I attribute her very slightly calmer demeanor…

  • Chuck eats it by Jon Armstrong for


    Chuck tries to do a fast turn and can’t hold on. One of my favorite photos of the dogs ever.…

  • Him Workin Up My Nerves

    Just after Chuck did an end-of-walk power slide over the top of her and flipped. She was pissed because he…

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    Sneak Attack!

    Coco stalks, then attacks the semi-suspecting Chuck. I love how Chuck’s rear legs are midair as he’s scooping down to…

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    Puppy Snow Play

    While this is totally blurry, I love the stances of the dogs and tones of the trees and snow. Kind…

  • Trying to Hold Her Own