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    5 Miles of Lightning

    I need to gear up to shoot storms. First order of business? Sandbags for the tripod. I shot maybe 200…

  • Another Bare Tree by Jon Armstrong.

    Yet Another Bare Tree


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    Sunset Blues

    Sunset shot over Salt Lake City looking west to the Great Salt Lake. Blue hour shot?

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    Killer Mexican Food

    A shot of the sign outside Salt Lake City restaurant, Red Iguana.

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    Shot of LDS (Mormon) iconography. And by that I mean no disrespect. And by that I mean that I'm not…

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    On at the Salt Lake Public Library

    Architecture shot of the Salt Lake City Library. Very wide angle and crazy.

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    25 Seconds over Salt Lake City

    25 second exposure taken from atop the LDS Church office building in downtown Salt Lake City.

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    Shot of the LDS church HQ and Salt Lake Temple. And a note to self.

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