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  • A tree stubbornly holds on to its leaves as the sun sets over the Great Salt Lake, Utah, November, 2014. By Jon Armstrong for

    Tenacious Tree

    The tree absolutely refuses to let the leaves drop.

  • Autumn Sunset over the Great Salt Lake, Utah by Jon Armstrong Photography

    Another Autumn Great Salt Lake Sunset

    The sunsets are turning into a thing.

  • Sunset over the Great Salt Lake, Utah, October, 2014.

    Autumn Sunset, Cue Fanfare

    Sunset with Antelope Island in the distance.

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    Full Summer

  • Jon Armstrong, clouds, sky, spring

    Almost Spring

    To buy a print of this image click here.

  • Eastern shore of the Great Salt Lake Looking northward toward Antelope Island.

    Island Storm

  • Jon Armstrong - Almost Summer for blurbomat. 2013, blue, blue hour, blurbomat, Canon 5D Mark III, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4.0 L IS USM, clouds, golden hour, Great Salt Lake, Jon Armstrong, Jon Armstrong blog, Jon Armstrong photography, landscape, nature, orange, sunset

    Great Salt Lake at Sunset

    Yes, it's another sunset/Great Salt Lake photo. Sunset was lame, lake was awesome.

  • 20130518-202744.jpg by .

    Great Salt Lake

    The actual sunset was a wash. Beautiful, but not necessarily photographically beautiful.

  • Blurbomat - Jon Armstrong - It's Still Very Cold at Night - 2012, blue, canon-5d-mark-iii, canon-ef-24-105mm-f4-0-l-is-usm, cclouds, great-salt-lake-2, slc, sunset, winter, yellow

    Utah Sunset – Still cold at night

    A November sunset and a couple of paragraphs about digital imagery and how I see things. Aside from politically, I…

  • Jon Armstrong blurbomat - Antelope Island Inversion

    Antelope Island Inversion

    Blogger takes photo of an island in the clouds from plane. Cliche police have been called. They are awfully busy…

  • Burning a Hole In My Sky by Jon Armstrong for Copyright/credit: Jon Armstrong.

    Burning a Hole in My Sky

    A summer sunset to warm the heart during a vicious period of subzero temperatures and a bit of parental reflection.

  • Angels in America by Jon Armstrong.

    Angels in America

    Glorious sunset and a few post-Thanksgiving cooking notes.

  • North End of the Great Salt Lake by Jon Armstrong. Aerial photo of the Great Salt Lake, looking eastward toward Ogden, Utah.

    North End of the Great Salt Lake

    Great Salt Lake fun facts! More correctly, links to facts!

  • over-the-great-salt-lake by Jon Armstrong.

    Keep on Running

    A travel shot, morose rambling and a call to action. Come for the photo. Stay for the other photos. Kindly…

  • all-seeing-eye by Jon Armstrong.

    All Seeing Eye

    Sunset! Again! No escaping the evil glare. P.s., there's no navel gazing in this one. 100% Navel-Gazing Free™!

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    Sunset Blues

    Sunset shot over Salt Lake City looking west to the Great Salt Lake. Blue hour shot?

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    End of the Day

    Almost epic sunset shot of the Great Salt Lake. And a log. Can't forget the log.

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    Sunset Coda Redundancy

    A sunset shot on the Great Salt Lake and a small update on how I'm doing with the girls and…